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So basically, fill this page with stuff you think needs doing or content you've found on TSR that you think should be wikified, preferably in fairly concise bullet points with any helpful comments needed next to it. If you finish a section or any significant chunk of material, move it into the completed section, just for ease of reference. Cheers.

Don't forget to keep editing time to a minimum out of respect for other users, and try to remember to check the history after editing to make sure you haven't overwritten anything. :) Generalebriety 20:48, 1 August 2007 (BST)

Use the 'To do list thread' to discuss items on this page and other things which need to be done.


New Pages/areas needed


  • Separate/more in depth articles for tuition fees, loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships
    • These things are needed in more detail than they current are covered Student Support page goes into (please link here if we already have them elsewhere)
  • Organising and Paying Bills
    • We certainly need stuff on choosing electricity and gas suppliers, paying those bills, water bills, telephone/internet bills and anything else like that.
    • Started the page Organising_and_Paying_Bills, I have no experience of paying bills, so I will need others to help out. I have also added quite a bit of advice too, which will probably need to be siphoned off Noxid 21:35, 9 August 2007 (BST)


  • University Glossary
    • University Glossary has now been started - please feel free to add definitions, as the list is far from exhaustive! It was influenced by this thread. - *pitseleh* 11/03/08
  • If everything goes wrong (needs better name)
    • An article to follow on from the Clearing article. Options for after results if clearing doesn’t work out or you choose not to go after all. Resits? More subjects? Apprenticeships? Other courses? Gap year (link to Gap Year stuff). Reapply etc.
    • Alternatives to University Noxid 21:15, 9 August 2007 (BST)
  • Why teach and Where to find teaching jobs or Applying for teaching courses
    • This is really an example of what we need. We need at least three career options covered in great detail (enough for at least three articles) - more can be covered as time goes on. Teaching is an option. We have one super article on routes in to teaching. I think one on why teach (talking about why teaching is a good career, summary of what you might need etc) and one on where to find teaching jobs would be great. Perhaps a page on applying for teaching too - what makes a good application, what you need to include etc. If anyone can speak of other careers too like this, it's be great (I think law is already good!)


  • Internships
    • Article about applying for general tips for internships
  • Internships and work experience - a route to a full time job
    • Perhaps something like this could be written too.
  • Temping
    • We have a good article on temping, but need another giving basic ideas of how to go about doing it with key points picked out, rather than having it as a written piece mixed with personal experience.

Content to move from the forums

  • Stickies
    • Search EVERY forum on the site to check through stickies - identify any content which is suitable for transference to the wiki.
    • Transfer and appropriately link to/categorise the above content
  • Attachments and other post content
    • Search every forum for suitable post content and attachments which can be transferred to the wiki. Main focus should be the academic forums for revision notes and uni forums for university info.
    • Transfer such content to the wiki and appropriately link to/categorise the pages.
  • Spreadsheet/wiki page
    • Set up a suitable spreadsheet/wiki page to track the forums which have been searched for stickies/post/attachment content.

Specific content to transfer

  • Revision tips thread - check thread and see what can be transferred across to revision and exam tips articles.

Content we need to update, add to or change

Revision notes:

The revision notes audit page lists where we are at with certain subjects and lists what needs doing. The main jobs involves are:


    • anthropology
    • archaeology
    • art + history of art
    • biology
      • Loads of stuff, but it's a complete jungle. I added some extra stuff myself, and still have some to add, but it duplicates some stuff already there, so it needs sorting out.
    • business studies
    • chemistry
      • Loads of stuff here but all needs sorting out. I've more or less sorted out the unit 1 revision pages that RK put up, wasn't much to do, but all the formulae and equations need converting to LaTeX if they're difficult to read, and everything needs putting into good English. Generalebriety 22:34, 1 August 2007 (BST)
    • classics
      • I have Latin notes somewhere, that I wrote while revising for my GCSE... just need to find them (this may be the tricky bit!) and then I can upload them.
    • economics
    • English
    • French
    • geography
    • German
      • There's nothing there. But I'm on it! Generalebriety 22:34, 1 August 2007 (BST)
    • history
    • ICT
    • law
    • maths
      • Lots of stuff but all needs sorting out. In copying and pasting, loads of symbols have disappeared and it's all rendered badly. Needs LaTeXing. Currently doing a trig page myself. Generalebriety 22:34, 1 August 2007 (BST)
    • media studies
    • medicine
      • Do people think there's any point uploading stuff here, short of typing out kumar and clark, this subject is so big that i don't see this being useful unless someone comes up with the odd thing that's REALLY useful.
      • Yes I do - People really aren't going to memorise all of Kumar and Clarke in that form are they? Its more if people have their own revision notes, which they created and they want to submit them to the wiki, here is the forum to do it. In my experience i would say the way things are worded can make the subject easier to learn, and if someones notes are worded in a certain way, it would may benefit some people. Is there any point having any revision notes on the wiki if all people could do is use a textbook instead? All the subjects listed on the wiki are big subjects! The revision notes are not meant to be conclusive covering every angle of medicine. --Kirsty-17988 15:37, 21 October 2007 (BST)
    • music
    • pharmacy and psychology
    • physics
      • Very little content, and what is there is badly organised. Will work on it.
    • politics
    • psychology
    • sociology
    • Spanish


  • University Guides
    • Each uni guide needs writing/completing (check the audit for status of individual guides - needs updating)
  • Student Life
    • Student Support Pretty empty, would like to do work on it, but it is of no use now for this years and it all changes next year
  • Postgraduate
    • Development of whole section on postgraduate courses and students. Find more information here (for general postgrad) and here (for teaching).

Personal Statement Section

  • Recategorising All statements should be categorised at the bottom of the page as within the sample personal statement category and any relevant subject or university categories. If unsure what i mean please see this statement which has already been done: Personal Statement:Chemistry 1 All statements which have been moved to the personal statement namespace by me 'should' have also had their categorisation updated. --~kirsty~ 15:38, 6 August 2007 (BST)
  • Add Postgraduate category A category for postgraduate statements should be added to file the postgraduate statements away from undergraduate statements.
  • Add Job application statement category A category for statements related to job applications should be added.
  • Correct Breadcrumbs at top of each page The bread crumb at the top of each page should read: TSR Wiki > University > Applying to University > Personal Statement Library > filename. All of the pages on the personal statement namespace should have this but the pages which still need moving may not have the correct breadcrumb. --~kirsty~ 19:31, 6 August 2007 (BST)
  • Review the personal statements - all the personal statements need reviewing, like the ones submitted to the PS helper service. Could wait until we have a comments+rating system in place for wiki articles. Comments should be standardised in layout/format. See the discussion for more details.

Student Life

  • NUS needs a pro or neutral point of view put into it, I unfortunately have some bias, although I appreciate the work they do.
  • How to Change Course or University needs some more work.
  • Personal Security was something I started, feel free to add the little bits of advice, for being safe and secure


Major tasks/areas

These are all large areas which need major work over long periods of time.

Routine/regular checking jobs

Completed Tasks

Try Learn together, TSR's study area

revision notes




a study planner

of discussions

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