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Right. Lets get started. The first and foremost question:


How do I get information about Universities?

i. Direct access to Universities:

You are able to access universities online. If you are unsure about the address to use, simply contact the embassy of the country to which you are applying and the Education Officer will provide you with the information.

ii. British Universities:

The British Council has a directory of all universities in the United Kingdom and they will provide all of the information you require. For further details, go here:


iii. USA:

The following websites allow you to access information about most of the Universities in the USA:



The US Embassy has an Educational Officer who is a useful point of reference about student visas. The same situation applies to Australian Universities.

iv. Remember:

You are responsible for applying for your own application forms and these need to be ordered as soon as possible. This is especially the case where you are applying yo the top universities in the worl such as Oxbridge or 'The Ivy League'.

The majority of universities have application forms that can be completed online. I would adivse you against this until you have downloaded a copy and allowed me (or somebody experience/associated with education) to check it for you/with you.

The Application

i. Requirements for a successful application:

1. You need to state the results obtained at O Level. A photocopy of your certificate is ESSENTIAL. 2. You will need to state the grages you got in your A Levels. Again, have a photocopy ready. 3. Some Unis will request a list of predicted grades for A Level currently being studied. This may have to be filled by the school administration. 4. TOEFL/SAT/SAT II : requiremnts and acceptable scores vary from university to university. The safest thing to do is to check directly with the institution. REMEMBER: Scoreesw quoted are the minimum and popular universities require/expect higher scores. 5. TOEFL registration is done online at:




SAT I and SAT II registration can be done online and needs to be booked early in order to guarantee a place at the examination centre. SAT registration can be found at:


NOTE: if you wish for your SAT/TOEFL scores to be sent directly to four of your university choices, complete the application box (appropraite) with the universities of your choice. The code number for each university is essential; be sure to enter the correct code by talking to the Admissions Office of the relevant university.

ii. Transcripts:

All universities in the USA will require transcripts for Grade 9 to 11 and a Grade 12 mid-term Final transcript. Students cinsidering an application to a university in the USA should make this request before the end of NOVEMBER.

It is essential that the name on your application form, transcript and examination certificates are identical to the name on your passport. Don't get mixed in the different 'Middle name, First name, Last name' fields.

iii. Teacher recommendations:

Many universities will ask for at least one recommendation. You MUST ask your teacher to write this for you and it MUST be brought to the Principal later.

iv. Number of applications:

Do not count on gaining acceptance to simply one (1) university. You need to undertake careful research on institutions and courses that will meet your needs and make at least four... but preferably.. five applications.

v. Personal statements/ essays:

You shouldn't have a problem here. I will be arranging atleast a 100000 personal statements for you guys.

vi. Submission deadlines:

Your completed applications (cheque, essays, application forms, photocopies of examination certificates etc) must be handed to your Principal for checking atleast four weeks before the application dead line. This gives the poor fellar some time!

Remember: Postal service is often slow. If you lack time, use a courier! Spend money!


The following websites are useful points of reference:



As with other countries, there is an Education Officer in place at the embassy who is well able to give the advice required. The majority of universities require a statement of performance sent directly from the Edexcel Board (or your relevant board). These show your O Level and AS results. You will need to apply to the school for the required form and there is a financial implication. Please note that this process can take up to eight weeks and therefore, needs to be initiated no later than early December. Your application to Canadian universities is made online. You will be given a student number. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT MISPLACE IT!!!

United Kingdom

As already stated, the UCAS website will allow you access to information pertaining to all British universities.

You will need to consider the following as minimum requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 subjects at O Level.
  • At least 2 A Levels.
  • A pass grade of 'C' in Math and English at GCE/IGCSE level.
  • UCAS application deadlines are always early January. OXBRIDGE APPLICATION NEED TO BE MADE BY MID-OCTOBER.
  • You can apply to five Unis, except in:

Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science where you are restricted to four choices plus one non-medical choice.

You can apply to English Universities with certain other courses. Contact the universities you are applying for before applying to them through UCAS. International Students from many countries will require either a GCSE English qualification or have sat an English Language test such as an IELTS.

General Info About UK Universities

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