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The University of Manchester has three main accommodation campuses, with a very large selection of undergraduate and postgraduate accommodation (there are about 9,000 students in university owned accommodation). Student accommodation at Manchester includes single sex, family and couples accommodation.


Fallowfield Campus

Fallowfield Campus is the largest accommodation campus at the University of Manchester, situated approximately 2 miles away from the main university buildings, on the edge of Wilmslow Road. There is easy access to both the university (10-15 mins) and the centre of Manchester (30 mins) by bus.

Owens Park

Owens Park is the largest catered hall on the Fallowfield Campus, home to over 900 undergraduate students. It comprises of the iconic Tower building and four other blocks (Tree Court, Green Court, Little Court and the Mall). It also houses the main Fallowfield Campus reception.

All blocks are mixed sex, although (with the exception of the Tower) each floor is single sex.



Oak House

Richmond Park

Ashburne Hall

Sheavyn House

Allen Hall

Woolton Hall

Woolton Hall is one of the smaller halls on Fallowfield Campus, housing 180 catered undergraduates in four houses (Spencer, Lindsay, Cavendish and Morley), and 19 self-catered postgraduates in Ashley and the Bungalow. Woolton Hall also has a main block, housing the dining hall, TV room, bar and postboxes.

The four undergraduate houses are divided into three floors, each with 15 bedrooms (mostly with a washbasin, although a few have ensuite bathrooms), a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Catering comprises of breakfast (cooked, cereal, toast, fruit etc.) 7.30am - 9.30am and dinner (main course and dessert) 5.00pm - 6.30pm on weekdays. On formal dinner nights (about once every six weeks) dinner has three courses and is served to your table.


  • Shared kitchen and bathroom means you aren't responsible for keeping them clean (although if places are particularly gross, the cleaners won't clean them).
  • Not having to cook for yourself might not seem a big deal, but when you're in lectures until five and really can't be bothered to cook, you can laugh at everyone in self-catered accommodation :P
  • Cooked breakfast. Zero effort. After a night out. Need I say more?
  • You eat a lot better than most other freshers, getting atleast two proper meals a day does (sort of) help stave off the dreaded freshers flu. Also, proper meals (vegetables, fruit and salad included) instead of beans on toast.
  • Apparently you get more choice at Woolton than at some of the other catered halls. This may just be a rumour though.
  • The lawn in summer! Perfect place to "revise", sunbathe, get over a hangover etc. So good that everyone from Owens Park keeps trying to steal it!
  • Because of the hall being small and catered, you get to know a lot of people, which is nice :)
  • Biggest rooms on campus! Most of the rooms are a similar size, which, for a student bedroom, is prettttyyyyy big!
  • Good bar, with big TV, green monsters, free table football, free pool and table tennis. And sometimes a Wii.
  • Brilliant JCR - lots of freshers events, formals, a yearly ball etc. Very sociable! Also linked with 5th Ave nightclub, so VIP entry/cheap nights out there.


  • Sharing a kitchen with 14 other people results in mouldy food in the fridge, dirty plates everywhere and people stealing your stuff. Definitely recommend keeping everything you can in your bedroom, and a mini-fridge of your own is a good idea too.
  • Fairly expensive, in 2009/2010 a single catered room with washbasin was £106 (on a 40 week contract, this makes it £4,240 a year).
  • The food can be a bit dodgy. Although mostly perfectly normal, some weird combinations such as stew/rice, curry/mashed potato have cropped up upon occasion. Also, the formals food got a bit...interesting by the end of the year.
  • At least one of the washing machines/dryers is inevitably broken. Which leaves two between 180. You usually have to fish out other people's clean/dry clothes (can be a bit embarassing when taking a random stranger's underwear out and they walk in) to put your own in.
  • Can be a bit cliquey.
  • Showers get easily clogged up with hair. Which is disgusting.
  • If you're unlucky enough to get the resident wannabe DJ in your block, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR THEM. At 3am/during exams, this is not that fun.

Ladybarn House

Victoria Park Campus

Hulme Hall

Burkhardt House

St Anselm's Hall

Canterbury Court

St Gabriel's Hall

Victoria Hall

Dalton Ellis Hall

Pankhurst Court

Opal Gardens

City Campus

Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park is made up of eight distinctive "toblerone" shaped houses, and is one of the largest halls of residence at the University of Manchester. It is located about two minutes walk from main university buildings, such as the student's union, medical school, John Rylands University Library and University Place. Each house is divided into (mostly) single sex flats (with the exception of a few flats in Leamington house). Each flat has a shared bathroom (or seperate toilets and showers) and kitchen/living room (or sometimes seperate kitchen and living room). Room sizes vary, and rooms can be single with washbasin or with no washbasin.

The main building at Whitworth Park (Grove House) contains a bar, laundry, postboxes and a free gym/squash courts.


  • If you're lucky enough to end up in a good flat (e.g. a top floor Leamington House flat), the rooms can be absolutely massive, particularly the kitchen.
  • It's one of the cheapest accommodations, prices for 2010/11 (on a 40 week contract) are £80 no washbasin (£3,204 per year) and £87 with washbasin (£3,955).
  • It's ridiculously close to university buildings, literally roll out of bed to lectures.
  • The Grovel, Whitworth Park's bar, is quite big and has all the normal bar things, plus special events sometimes.
  • Free gym, saves paying for crazily expensive gym pass.


  • Some of the flats are underneath heating pipes and can get very hot.
  • If you get unlucky, some flats/rooms are VERY SMALL.
  • Some flats are built over three or four levels - which can be a good thing exercise-wise, but after a night out, not so good!
  • The Resident's Association is a bit rubbish, events aren't very well attended - particularly after Fresher's Week.
  • You nearly always have to queue to put your washing in, unless you go at like 6am on a Sunday. (There aren't enough washing machines, and there are nearly always broken ones).
  • The walls in some blocks are like paper, so you can hear EVERYTHING from next door (not so good if you have noisy neighbours!) Also vice versa, they can hear you too!

Weston Hall

Chandos Hall

Lambert and Fairfield Hall

George Kenyon Hall

Horniman House

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