Hey, I'm an irregular TSR Wiki contributor. Any contributions to any threads will always be based on fact and are presented in a user-friendly format readable by all users.

I have been the main contributor to:

- Queen Mary University of London

- Construction, building and planning

As well as contributing to my own universities profile, I have actively engaged in expanding the Oyster card Card stub into a summarised feasibility study and expanded the Business Studies Degree thread into further study.

I love architecture, having been a property manager for 5 years prior to university and take a keen interest on modern buildings as well as those with historical significance. Don't know why I didn't take this subject up at university!

Also love football and am an enthusiastic member of motoring being a member of many motoring websites and regularly participating in track days. In fact, I have just finished installing my new engine, which fully functions with zero problems; yay!

Leaving university in the spring to start up a business with my old chairman who officially retired when I left the company to attend university. Can't wait, really excited about the prospect of meeting and doing business again with people whom I have a great respect for; now just need my old girlfriend back of 6 years, which due to my stubborness will never likely happen :-(

Happy contributing; be independent and state the truth!

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