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Over the years there have been various designs for pages that have been put forward that never became a part of the site. From new logos, to the ite header, often there has been more than one design to pick from. Many other pages started life as wireframes or mock-ups, taking cuttings and inspiration from other parts of TSR or even other sites. Here we take a look at some of the alternative designs and mock-ups and ask the question: what might have been...? Click on any of the images below to see larger versions and tell us what you think!

Site logos

When the site logo was redesigned in 2007 a general style was picked fairly quickly, but check out the different variations which were considering. We've also included loads of alternative designs, a user-created design from around the same time which became quite popular amongst some members. The old TSR logo is at the end!
Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Logo 5 Logo 6
Logo 7 Logo 8 Logo 9 Logo 10 - the one we went with Logo 11 - user created logo
Logo 12 Logo 13 Logo 14 Logo 15 Logo 16 Logo 17
Logo 18 Logo 19 Logo 20 Logo 21 Logo 22 Logo 23
Logo 24 Logo 25 Logo 26 Logo 27 Logo 28 Logo 30
Logo 31 Logo 32 Logo 33 Logo 29 - old TSR logo

The homepage

For many years homepage used to contain just a forum list - so it was always a key goal to make more of the homepage. Here are some of the ideas and variations from over the years which has lead to the homepage we have today.
Homepage 1 Homepage 2 Homepage 4
Homepage 3 Homepage 5 Homepage 6
Homepage 14 Homepage 7 Homepage 9
Homepage 10 Homepage 11 Homepage 12
Homepage 13 Homepage 8

The 'All Forums' page

The page showing all the forums on the site is arguably one of the most important pages. Here are a couple of different designs and some different colour variations for it.
All forums 1 All forums 2 All forums 3
All forums 4 All forums 5 All forums 6

The site header

The site is important for navigation and finding your way around and appears on every page of the site. Like loads of parts of the site, we've consider many different ideas for it - here are a few of them from 2007.
Header 1
Header 2
Header 3
Header 4
Header 5
Header 6

Portal pages

Portal pages, such as a central page for everything on one topic, like universities or subjects have been an ideas we've had for many years. We've not yet ever formally developed the idea, but we do have literally loads of early stage mock ups. Here are some ideas, mostly relating to universities from around 3 or 4 years go. Keep watching for more on this - we're actually now in the planning stages for some really cool university guide pages!
Portal 1 Portal 2 Portal 3
Portal 4 Portal 5 Portal 6

Other pages

There are so many different types of page on TSR and over the years we've redesigned or worked at improving all of them. Here is a final selection of some concept ideas and alternative designs for a range of other pages.
Quick Reply Box Forum Forum with Subforums
Search results User Profile Concept Wiki Article

Tell us what you think of these alternative designs, wireframes and concepts. What are your favourites, which are lucky escapes?

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