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These rules are here to ensure the site can be enjoyed by everyone. Additions and changes can be made to them at any time and come in to force immediately. You are asked to check this page regularly to be aware of any changes. By using the TSR and TSR Wiki you are consenting to abide by these rules, whether you have read them or not.


Basic Rules

The following rules have come from the TSR administration and may not be altered by users.

  1. Do not advertise.
  2. Do not plagiarise copyrighted material.
  3. Ensure the content of pages is safe for children.
  4. Do not vandalise pages.
  5. The TSR wiki is intended as a student resource, not a playground or a place to discuss TSR or its members.
  6. The TSR staff reserve the right to "protect" (prevent changes to) the wiki's contents for any reason.
  7. Offenders will be banned from the wiki and action may be taken against their TSR account(s).
  8. If a relevant discussion is being held on the forum about the wiki then talk there before making big changes.

TSR Copyright Rules

  • Work you submit to TSR Wiki must be your own material
    • You yourself must have written it
    • You cannot submit work "for" someone else, e.g. someone else's essay
    • You cannot plagiarise from other works
  • If it is not your own work, then it must be either:
    • In the public domain
      • This means the copyright on the material has expired
      • This does not apply to most websites
      • This does not apply to most books and revision guides
    • Under a free license
      • If it states clearly at your source that you can copy the work, make sure you follow its rules
      • Examples of free licenses include the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and Creative Commons licenses.

General Disclaimer

The Student Room and its owners (henceforth "TSR") generally disclaim their liability regards this Wiki-thing. By using this wiki, you hereby agree that they have no liability for you for nothing whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, all things that potentially could be included.

Validity of Information

We all give you our stuff for free. Given that we are students of limited life experience, what is written could be either inaccurate or a product of opinions of teenagers. We don't see this as a problem, and neither should you. Don't take a place at UEA over Cambridge on the strength of a Wiki entry; obviously, we expect you to do some research yourselves first.

The TSR Wiki is NOT...

  • A source of medical advice.
  • A definitive guide.
  • Regularly reviewed.
  • Written entirely, or largely, by experts.
  • Unopinionated.

For complete rules on using TSR and for legal terms and conditions, please read the site rules and guidelines.

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