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Most of us will at some point be required to do some sort of work experience. In the current economic climate, this is increasingly important, and a lot of people are choosing to undertake internship opportunities. Others may choose to do extra work in the form of volunteering - effectively trading your own time to gain experience, while some simply wish to donate their time to better themselves or feel they have made a contribution. Whichever of these paths you are currently thinking of taking, look at what articles we have in this area - you are sure to find something to help you!

Work experience

Work experience gives you the chance to explore the world of work, and get first hand experience of the different sectors of industry. Normally, you will be asked to do work experience in Year 10 but you can always do work experience in the half-terms, but many choose to look for work experience in the summer holidays. Now if you are thinking "should I or should I not do experience?", well one piece of advice I will give to you is this: work experience not only develops your communication, independence, thinking skills etc. but it expands your CV giving you that extra edge when you apply to college, university or a job. Read on...

Some of your work experience may have been cancelled due to COVID-19. There are a myriad of articles available online that help you work out what you can do - here is one that we like about medical work experience cancelled due to coronavirus .


Internship positions are usually given out to university students during holidays or the summer to give them some relevant job experience for when they leave university. However, as students finishing up your school or college studies, if you are taking a year out before going to university, there is a chance you could land yourself an internship position to gain some experience, and hopefully some cash. Read on...


Volunteering offers something slightly different to usual work experience and internships. As the name suggests you usually won't be paid, but it is likely that if you're working for a well known company or organisation you may be reiumbursed for some expenses, so it's not going to be financially as much of a drain as you first may think. In addition, volunteering experience can open a wider range of opportunities and looks very good on you. Read on...

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