• Writing Article - 5 Brain-Stimulating Hobbies to Try in 2017

If one of your new year's resolutions involve increasing your brain power, then this list will surely be a big help. Here are 5 brain-stimulating hobbies you can try in 2017.

Guitar Playing

Did you know that playing music while working out can improve your verbal fluency [1]? By simply listening to music while exercising, you can improve your problem solving skills.

What’s more, playing musical instruments helps with motor skills, creativity and analytical skills. It does this by strengthening the “corpus callosum”, a band of nerve fibers that joins the two hemispheres of your brain. Improving your corpus callosum will not only improve your problem solving skills, but will also improve your executive skills, memory and over-all brain functions regardless of your age.


Do you enjoy staring up at the night sky and looking at the star? Then why not try Amateur astronomy? As an amateur, you don’t even need a telescope to get started. You can easily find constellations just by looking closely at the sky. Star gazing is also a great way to boost your memory and impress your friends.

There are a lots of online resources [2] to help you learn all about the sky, the solar system, and the science behind them.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. In fact, it gave rise to problem-solving contests in 1777 that drew attention from the British government. Up to this day, it remains a fun hobby to learn and a useful skill that can save you from being locked out of your apartment.

If you're just learning how to open your first lock, consider getting a clear practice lock [3] so you can see how the pins react to your picking. Once you’ve picked your first lock, you’ll be itching to find newer and harder ones to unlock.

Video Games Many people still think of video games as an "escapist" activity or a waste of time and brain-function. But did you know it can actually improve your attention span, increase your cognitive strength and regulate your mood?

According to a study done by the North Carolina State University and Florida State University show that popular video games like Call of Duty or StarCraft can be effective cognitive training tools for adults[4]. However, not all games are made the same. So the next you get to pick which titles to play, try Call of Duty to improve your spatial-intelligence skills or StarCraft so you can formulate and execute strategic plans better.

Ham Radio Before there were cell phones and way before the internet, one of the most popular past times was the Ham Radio. Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio) used to be the means of communication between people across town or even around the world. It remains to be a fun hobby that could also be very useful during times of need. Most ham radio operators can help during times of emergencies and natural disasters by relaying information across towns or cities.

To get into Ham radio, you first need to acquire a proper license from the Federal Communications Commission. Once you’re licensed, you can use your knowledge of radio technology and electronics to socialize with people around the world.

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