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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to St Andrews for entry in 2014. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table. Please only add BRIEF and RELEVANT 'Extras'!


Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered by course, accommodation and then username.

Username Course Accommodation GCSEs A Level or Equivalent Subjects AS Grades/Predictions A Level or Equivalent Grades/Predictions Outcome Extras
example96 Arabic and Economics No idea 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Latin AAAA AAA 100 hours CS, NCS, work exp BWFC (journalist) & JP Morgan.
chapmouse Astrophysics Not Sure 3A*s 6As Maths, Further Maths, Physics AABc A*AA - Run a science blog, attend a local astronomy club, supercurricular reading, relevant lectures at UCL, EPQ
Lottie Ancient History & Archaeology - 4A*s 4As 1B 1c Law, English Literature,Classics (psychology, Critical thinking) AABBC AAB UNCONDITIONAL OFFER :D Gap year student, travelling, Teaching english in italy,
tryingtobecool Art History w/ Ancient history No clue 1A* 9A 2B Graphic Design, Photography, Biology, English Language and Literature (dropped) AAAC AAA (achieved) - currently in a foundation at Central Saint Martins...piano/violin/voice...debating club, prefect
hazel31 Classics - 9A*s 3As English, Maths, Further Maths, Class civ - D2 D2 D3 A* (Cambridge Pre-U) Offer -
JennieM Classics unknown 12 A*s Classics, economics, philosophy and ethics and mathematics (dropping) predicted AAAA unknown Outcome JACT Greek Summer School 2013; EPQ; volunteer at hospice shop
JTR__ Chemistry Albany Park (hopefully) 11111111A H Biology, Accounting, AH Chemistry, Music AAAAA AAAA Unconditional Offer
knope Chemistry No clue 1A* 3A 2B 1C (health problems) Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Economics AAAA A*A*A Offer (AAB) Debating club, MUN, maths tutoring, chemistry competition, EPQ,
stephaniealix Computer Science No clue 5 A*s, 7As Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths, Physics ABBB A (achieved) A*AB Unknown Work experience in Terra Firma IT department
letsplayray Computer Science no clue 3As 5Bs 1C maths, human biology, economics, biology, sociologyAABCC A*A*A UNKNOWN (maths,human biology, economics, biology,sociology) work experience at the Greater London Authority technology group.
RD208 Computer Science no idea! 11111111 at SG AAAAA at Higher (Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Computing) AAAa (3 AH, 1 Higher) Unconditional Offer
amydai Economics no clue 6A*s 5As 2Bs maths, economics, chemistry, further maths AS, spanish ASAABC A*A*AA UNKNOWN independently studying further maths in second year. lots of extra reading, sutton trust summer school at st andrews
bonapurple English - SG 5A, Int.2 3A Int.1 1A English, French, Modern Studies Highers AAAAA Advanced Highers predicted AAA - Academic scholarship, won school prizes for English and History, Bronze, Silver and completing Gold DofE
Charli41 English Not sure 3A*s, 6As, 2 Distinctions English Literature, German, History, ICT, Photography, General Studies Predicted AAAAAA Unknown N/A volunteering with Girlguiding, Baden-Powell Award
foiledagain English No clue! N/A (American applicant) United States History, World History, European History, English Literature, English Language, Psychology, Biology, Calculus A/B, French (AP Exams) 5555 (US History, World History, English Lit, Psych) 55544 (Euro History, English Lang, Bio, Calc A/B, French) Unconditional Offer Music activities, Varsity Fencing captain
GrammarGirl English No idea 4A* 7A English Literature, History, Economics, General Studies, (AS Spanish) AAABB A*A*A*A OFFER (AAA) A* in an EPQ
daisystones Geography Not sure 7A*s, 3As Music, Geography, Biology, Maths AABC A*A*B Offer Grade 8 on both violin and piano, Bronze DofE, lots of wider reading and essay writing
postbreakupsex Geography (&Comp Lit) No idea 2A* 5A 4B English Lit, Geography, Economics AACD A*AA Offer AAB
scott18044 German and Russian - 5A*s, 5As German, Spanish, Biology, (Chemistry) AABC A*AB offer AAB (11/02) ...
selena1 Art History Not sure 2A*s, 6As, 1B Art, English, History, French (dropped) ABBC AAA N/A School prefect
Nannabakjensen International Relations St. Salvator's Hall I'm from Denmark :) Danish, English, Spanish, Politics, History, Biologi, Chemistry, Religion, Classics 11,7 (equivalent to around 44 IB points) Outcome Board member of a Danish development NGO (full-time volunteer)
srm4 International Relations No idea SG: 1,1,1,1,2,3 Int 2: A,B Highers: English, French, History, Media Studies, Art & Design AAABB Adv H: AA, H:A Unconditional offer :) (28th March) Sutton Trust Summer School in St Andrews
anyotherworld International Relations and Modern History - 10 A*s, 2 As IB Diploma: History, Literature, Biology, Economics at HL + Maths, Mandarin at SL - 45/45 Conditional offer: 38 IB points Head Girl, Model UN
sliceofthepi Mathematics and Physics No idea, will update when decided 1A* 10A 1B Physics, Biology (dropped), Chemisty, Maths, Further Maths AS (year 13) AABB A*AA - Work experience at the Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge, maths tutor for GCSE retake student.
Ceryni Medicine No idea!! 10A*s, 2As, A in FSMQ Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AAAA(a) A*A*A*A*A* RElevant work/care experience; Wider reading; Editor for Young Scientist's Journal.
Abbseh Physics I'm liking the look of either the David Russell Apartments or University Hall :) 3A* 5A 3B 1C Biology, chemistry, maths and physics AAAB AAAA Outcome Extras
JoshBedford Theoretical Physics No idea really! 1A* 8A 1B 1C maths, economics, chemistry, physics and further maths A*(maths achieved) ABA (no FM in yr 12) A*A*A*AA Outcome- Nothing yet Extras- Summer school at Imperial College London, extra reading, tutoring for maths, cambridge chemistry challenge
ilovemilka Psychology Anything nice and cozy ^^ - IB: English A HL, French B SL, Biology HL, Psychology HL, Business & Management SL, Math SL - IB: 45 points Still pending :)
Kiwi789 Zoology No idea ------ Human biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics AAAd A*AA (finished A-levels) A* in an EPQ
- English N/A 5A*s and 6As English Literature, History, Psychology, Biology (AS) AAAA A*A*A* N/A
PhoebeMak Comparative Literature and Classics no idea 7A's 5B's English Literature, French, Spanish and Mathematics AABB AAB Offer - AAB Silver DoE, EPQ A*, Summer Schools
birdie101 physics hopefully Albany park 6 1's, 2 and an A maths, English, biology, chemistry, physics N/A AAAAA unconditional gap year, some independant learning with open university
RexEadie Neuroscience no idea 8A*s 3As Biology, Chemsitry, Physics, Maths AAAA AAAA BBBC (Doing 2 retakes still pending
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