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Double standards against Trans people on TSR

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    Before I make my point, let me start by saying something about myself:

    I agree with a lot of increasingly popular alt right sentiments including but not limited to: Political correctness has gone mad, free speech includes the right to voice hate speech, (Modern) feminism is cancer, Black Lives Matter is a racist, anti-white, black supremacist hate group and that there is nothing wrong with being white, straight and male.

    Just in case I am labelled as a "cuck/SJW/regressive leftist" etc. Now, onto my point.

    I have begun to notice a double standard against those who suffer from gender disphoria, particularly in the thread discussing whether sufferers should receive free NHS transition surgery. I have studied basic health economics in the final year of my engineering course and in order to approve the use of a particular treatment, the NHS uses a number of analyses, particularly the cost-benefit and cost utility analyses which take into account the cost of setting up and implementing this new treatment and the benefits it brings such as number of life years gained, increase in quality of life, quality-adjusted life years etc. These values are substituted into a formula and if the cost-effectiveness is below a certain threshold, then the new treatment is not taken on by the NHS. This may be an over-simplified version of the approval-process but it is how I understand it works.

    As far as I am aware, transition surgery was also subjected to this analysis and found to increase quality of life to such an extent that it is worth the tens of millions spent on implementing it each year. Unless this is not the case, someone please show me the evidence. An argument against implementing this treatment on the NHS is that suicide rates and incidence of unhappiness is still high in trans individuals post-op as well as pre-op. They don't seem to care that, although this may be true, it still increases their quality of life. And it does this well enough that it has been found to be "cost effective" by the NHS.

    People are simply jumping on the bandwagon of "**** the PC" which I admit for the most part is a good thing. I think that in their eyes, sufferers of gender disphoria have become synonymous with the SJW/regressive left because of their infantilisation and over-hype by the so-called regressive left, so they attack them. However, in this case, all they are doing is arguing in favour of denying fair treatment to people who suffer from a particular disorder through no fault of their own. All this does is give the "SJWs" more ammunition to push their agendas. They are creating actual real discrimination for them to complain about for once! To those people arguing against it: You are making it worse! Please think it through before you post your arguments. Do your research and don't follow the flock like a sheep.
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Updated: August 16, 2016
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