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New here? Pop in and say hi!
Hello, my name is sd_student! by sd_student 6 minutes ago 251,166
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Step inside our festive forum...
What do you want for... by jaffacake111 6 minutes ago 3,012
Share what you love about TSR and help make it even better.
An idea for TSR by lustawny 8 minutes ago 275,310
Fancy a natter? You're in the right place...
CTAM: Count to a million -... by pinkteddyx64 1 minute ago 5,769,422
Where you can meet students from outside the UK.
in the system for the by cipupuithe 22 minutes ago 449,677
Approved, non-commercial research opportunities for TSR members. The forum guide has details on how to add a listing.
Masters dissertation... by poeticline 17 hours ago 44,181
Life and style
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For all health-related topics. Not to be used in place of a trip to the GP!
Am I a sociopath? by upagumtree 12 minutes ago 631,611
Significant others, sexuality, soulmates. Discuss them all here
My friend is frigid by Ribbits 1 minute ago 4,029,148
For chat and advice on looking your best.
Name and logo already in use by Little_missy01 34 minutes ago 996,346
Talk about exercise, sport and healthy eating. Sweatbands optional.
How do you meet your Iron RDA? by Justin Heranus 11 minutes ago 656,491
Wonga, cash, moolah...discuss it here. Student loans and finance are covered in Student Financial Support.
How long do you keep your old... by Emma:-) 2 hours ago 276,750
For life's little questions.
Youtubers by marffie 1 minute ago 292,133
Hobbies and interests
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Feeling artistic? Share your creativity with the community.
Any other musicians on tsr? by jam277 14 hours ago 77,999
From PC help to mobile phones...and everything in between.
Laptop Bag by moey3 42 minutes ago 1,222,377
Anything and everything sporting.
Liverpool v Arsenal 21/12 4pm by sr90 1 minute ago 1,755,888
Covering TV, films, music, books and video games.
Does anybody still watch... by Kenan and Kel 7 minutes ago 2,293,645
Driving, driving lessons, vehicles...
A car driver beeped at me... by Smiley face. YAY 4 hours ago 440,286
Got the travel bug? Come on in...


Top 10 countries you want to... by Mackay 2 hours ago 185,985
From foie gras and Château Pétrus to beans on toast and Happy Shopper cola.
Do Yorkshire puddings belong... by OU Student 27 minutes ago 443,730
Enter the menagerie...
What nicknames do you have... by RedStar98 14 minutes ago 64,856
Share your volunteering experiences and find out ways to get involved.
I need a volunteer Christmas... by kelefi 19 hours ago 16,770
Might be interested in the... by gaogongzi 3 weeks ago 3,925
Debate and current affairs
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Join the debate on the latest breaking news stories.
White woman raped for 3 hours... by AR_95 5 minutes ago 3,593,589
Discuss current events and changes in the education system.
Pros and cons of going to uni. by Okorange 15 hours ago 685,932
Order! Order! Discussion of UK politics lives here.
Is Scottish independence a... by L i b 3 minutes ago 1,060,884
Discuss events occurring around the world.
Hypothetical - ISIS gets... by Nigel Farage MEP 1 Hour Ago 332,074
Where we tackle issues that have an impact on our society.
Is Britain a racist nation? by mrkl 19 minutes ago 571,639
Where philosophical questions are discussed and debated.
Intelligence is more than IQ... by TorpidPhil 13 hours ago 144,606
Where we're talking all things religious, spiritual and theological.
The I-SOC (Islamic Society)... by ThatMuslimGuy 1 minute ago 1,101,459
Join the discussion of all things historical.
The British Empire is worst... by Observatory 2 minutes ago 37,826
Study Help
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Find and share help for arts and humanities subjects at all levels.
Any of you done an a-level in... by Gott 8 minutes ago 767,280
Exam and homework help on everything from engineering to sports science.
FP1 Proof by Smaug123 1 minute ago 2,632,429
Discussion, revision, exam and homework help from KS3 to degree level including accounting, anthropology, child care citizenship, education and social care.
Edexcel A2 Government and... by SMB7 16 minutes ago 311,224
Discussion about school, sixth form, FE college, including general revision and study tips. Use the subforums and subject forums for discussion on specific qualifications and subjects.
Biology question on the... by francescac 2 minutes ago 2,784,889
A place for you to discuss all things revision in the run up to exams, as well as sharing tips and advice to help with your studies. Please use the relevant dedicated subject forum for discussion on specific qualifications and subjects.
Biology application questions? by rakib567 58 minutes ago 47,774
University and university courses
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This forum is for questions about personal statements only, please do not post any part of your statement in here
Awards/Achievements? by Mr.Econometrics 1 Hour Ago 3,637
Talk to other students and our UCAS-trained advisers about your uni application.
How do add university choices... by PaoloOwens96 59 minutes ago 675,482
Discussion and questions about student financial support arrangements - from government loans and grants to university bursaries. Please use the main Money & Finance forum for more general financial topics.
Funding question by Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser 38 minutes ago 108,629
Discussion for current and prospective students about social life at university, societies, what stationery and bedroom items to buy and anything else relating to life as a university student.
Students: Are you enjoying... by manic_fuzz 10 minutes ago 398,526
Looking to return to your studies? It's never too late! Talk to other mature students about continuing in education.
Mature students 2015... by EmmaVicky32 1 Hour Ago 60,565
Help and support on the issues that affect disabled students, including accessibility and financial support.
What does a Specialist Mentor... by EvieB12 2 days ago 16,508
Taking the next step in your studies? Here's where to talk about postgraduate study and courses.
Sciences Po PSIA applications... by Tcannon 11 minutes ago 255,025
Get advice on the courses and universities for arts and humanities subjects including classics, design and media studies.
Language Applicants for 2015 by EmmaM102 38 minutes ago 344,847
Get advice on courses and universities for science and technology subjects including engineering, computing and natural sciences.
What other universities... by gagafacea1 51 minutes ago 350,440
Get advice on courses and universities for medical and health subjects including medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, nursing and biochemistry.
medicine in clearing? by llamaspoon 5 minutes ago 1,765,514
Get advice on the courses and universities for social science subjects including finance, anthropology and sociology.
Transfer from RHUL to... by vito97 15 minutes ago 458,744
Universities and HE colleges
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Use this forum for discussions about universities in the North of England.
Durham University 2015... by cchan1120 1 minute ago 966,340
Use this forum for discussions about universities in the East and West Midlands.
Coventry as a city by lightergait 7 minutes ago 619,228
Use this forum for discussions about universities in the South of England.
Veterinary physiotherapy help... by booitsme21 13 minutes ago 1,727,197
Use this forum for discussions about universities in Greater London.
LSE entry 2015 by anyonenobody 25 minutes ago 783,433
Use this forum for discussions about applying to Scottish universities.
Sept 2015 applicants, help... by jodieldrsmith 1 minute ago 249,060
Use this forum for discussions about applying to Welsh universities.
Ho! Ho! Ho! – 9 days until... by Tyler Bam 1 Hour Ago 106,174
Use this forum for discussions about applying to universities in Northern Ireland.
Is Belfast Safe for... by Shane Webb 17 hours ago 26,765
Considering flexible learning options? Talk about distance learning here.
Leave a top 10 uni for Open... by SmaugTheTerrible 40 minutes ago 29,318
Discussion of universities, colleges and courses outside the UK.
Hong Kong Universities by vestaeresta 1 Hour Ago 79,225
Careers and Jobs
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Questions answered by Jon Steel, WPP's Group Planning Director, who also leads the company's Fellowship program.
Please help i cant decide... by Jake54321 08-11-2014 22
Discussion about apprenticeships, where you train on the job and study for qualifications in areas from construction to tourism.
Summer Placement and Year in... by Lissa_S 18 hours ago 15,545
Discussion about careers in different sectors, for work experience to graduate schemes. Please note: not the place for advertising job opportunities.
***Official Investment... by Aenigma 5 minutes ago 915,177
Discussion about all kinds of temporary work, for Saturday jobs to summer holidays and gap years. Please note: not the place for advertising job opportunities.
Interview Assessment at Next by aisha242 19 minutes ago 224,814
If you would like your CV and cover letter reviewed in confidence by our team of advisers, post in this forum. Only our team of advisers, yourself and the TSR moderators will be able to view it.
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