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New here? Pop in and start chatting!
Hello, my name is h-yang! by Saleha09 1 minute ago 348,559
Where you can meet students from outside the UK.
TSR Pakistani Society - MKXIII by KeepRollingFazzy 2 hours ago 467,162
Fancy a natter? You're in the right place...
How are you feeling right now? by kendellex 1 minute ago 4,652,757
Counting games, word puzzles and lots of other fun threads!
Guess Who? Celebrity Edition by Out of Morocco 57 minutes ago 1,610,030
Share what you love about TSR and help make it even better.
Why does previewing post... by XcitingStuart 1 Hour Ago 283,860
Life and style
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The Surgery is on BBC Radio 1 every Wednesday at 9pm, where we discuss everything about YOU. Join the discussion for next week's show here…
2nd Sept: Have you ever lost... by Anonymous 7 hours ago 1,062
For all health-related topics. Not to be used in place of a trip to the GP!
Should I be feeling bad about... by thekawaiideku 1 Hour Ago 675,921
Significant others, sexuality, soulmates. Discuss them all here
I'm unattractive to females by Out of Morocco 1 minute ago 4,262,120
For chat and advice on looking your best.
Redying my hair after just 3... by maegan 1 minute ago 1,007,970
Talk about exercise, sport and healthy eating. Sweatbands optional.
TSR Muscle Building Society... by Jtking3000 1 Hour Ago 679,504
Join a religious society and chat about all things spiritual.
The I-SOC (Islamic Society)... by SourLikeLemon 6 minutes ago 70,193
Wonga, cash, moolah...discuss it here. Student loans and finance are covered in Student Financial Support.
banned from paypal over 10... by Treypound 2 hours ago 283,914
For life's little questions.
Extra Time guilty? by Saleha09 5 minutes ago 330,701
Hobbies and interests
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Debate the beautiful game.
The Chelsea F.C. Thread VI by chelseafreak 1 minute ago 1,472,172
Anything and everything sporting.


  1. Motorsport
American Football Talk II by Motorbiker 2 hours ago 410,142
Covering TV, films, music, books and video games.
Pokémon - Ash Ketchum and... by Azurite 8 minutes ago 2,336,440
From PC help to mobile phones...and everything in between.
How to create a .jar... by Travisty 4 minutes ago 1,242,444
Driving, driving lessons, vehicles...
How long to learn to drive? by Lucasium 1 Hour Ago 454,551
Feeling artistic? Share your creativity with the community.
Edit a photo then post it by stehay 5 hours ago 81,793
From foie gras and Château Pétrus to beans on toast and Happy Shopper cola.
What's ya fave ice cream? by MathQ123 1 Hour Ago 452,479
Got the travel bug? Come on in...


Anyone been to Thailand? I... by audi_turbo 3 hours ago 189,849
Enter the menagerie...
What is your favourite animal? by EdwardElric 11 hours ago 66,523
Share your volunteering experiences and find out ways to get involved.
Work Experience Help by Galaxies 4 hours ago 17,868
Debate and current affairs
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Join the debate on the latest breaking news stories.
BREAKING NEWS: Explosion,... by Chakede 1 Hour Ago 3,654,683
Discuss current events and changes in the education system.
Most/least "posh"... by NoSpeakNewSpeak 24 minutes ago 702,083
Order! Order! Discussion of UK politics lives here.
B858 - West Lothian Question... by James Milibanter 26 minutes ago 1,187,753
Discuss events occurring around the world.
African development thread by Bushido Brown 4 hours ago 333,408
Where we tackle issues that have an impact on our society.
allow gay couples to marry by Everyone1 56 minutes ago 631,725
Where philosophical questions are discussed and debated.
Those who seek power and not... by Arkasia 44 minutes ago 148,623
Join the discussion of all things historical.
Did Jews start it? by MatureStudent36 4 hours ago 40,527
Study Help
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Join in the competition to grow your grades and support each other with your studies. Welcome to students at all levels :)
Grow your Grades: results and... by Puddles the Monkey 2 days ago 3,041
Find and share help for arts and humanities subjects at all levels.
GCSE English Language AQA by Tarquin2a 1 Hour Ago 855,650
Exam and homework help on everything from engineering to sports science.
Doing all the (Edexcel)... by kendellex 1 minute ago 2,974,798
Discussion, revision, exam and homework help from KS3 to degree level including accounting, anthropology, child care citizenship, education and social care.
A level in a year? by chem@uni 4 hours ago 367,874
Discussion about school, sixth form, FE college, including general revision and study tips. Use the subforums and subject forums for discussion on specific qualifications and subjects.
Choosing my A-Levels? Will I... by Tsrsarahh 3 minutes ago 3,010,849
A place for you to discuss all things revision in the run up to exams, as well as sharing tips and advice to help with your studies. Please use the relevant dedicated subject forum for discussion on specific qualifications and subjects.
I'm scared I'm going to fail... by Goodmanxx 2 hours ago 52,724
University and university courses
Last Post Posts
This forum is for questions about personal statements only, please do not post any part of your statement in here
Continue to volunteer up... by Revilos 3 hours ago 6,019
Talk to other students and our UCAS-trained advisers about your uni application.
I want to make a personal... by rolodopus 17 minutes ago 703,739
Discussion and questions about student financial support arrangements - from government loans and grants to university bursaries. Please use the main Money & Finance forum for more general financial topics.
'High Income Family' means I... by thekawaiideku 49 minutes ago 121,010
Discussion for current and prospective students about social life at university, societies, what stationery and bedroom items to buy and anything else relating to life as a university student.
Horrible noise pollution... by r-t 4 minutes ago 430,171
Looking to return to your studies? It's never too late! Talk to other mature students about continuing in education.
mature student doing first... by reeereee 2 hours ago 66,066
Help and support on the issues that affect disabled students, including accessibility and financial support.
I couldn't do it by sawyer12 13 hours ago 17,915
Are you considering applying to a postgraduate course? Click here for answers about funding, choosing your course, and preparing a successful application.
Cambridge 2015 Postgraduate... by Ikidyounot. 2 hours ago 271,018
Taking the next step in your studies? Here's where to talk about postgraduate study and courses.
Never 0
Are you having difficulty with your supervisor? Struggling to establish a work routine, or looking for information about life as a postgraduate student? This is the forum for you.
"Can't you hear me, S.O.S.?":... by Nirgilis 3 hours ago 5,015
Get advice on the courses and universities for arts and humanities subjects including classics, design and media studies.
Does anyone here study... by sophia5892 3 hours ago 357,533
Get advice on courses and universities for science and technology subjects including engineering, computing and natural sciences.
Do a lot of engineering... by tinyflame 1 Hour Ago 369,769
Get advice on courses and universities for medical and health subjects including medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, nursing and biochemistry.
*MEGATHREAD* - BMAT 2016... by ILoveChicken 1 minute ago 1,884,532
Get advice on the courses and universities for social science subjects including finance, anthropology and sociology.
Books to read before studying... by Arkasia 31 minutes ago 482,456
A place to post dissertation surveys and other academic research. The forum guide has details on how to add a listing.
Need more respondents for my... by Aloudgirl24 2 hours ago 57,905
Universities and HE colleges
Last Post Posts
Use this forum for discussions about universities in the North of England.
University of Manchester life... by jknightt 13 minutes ago 1,022,823
Use this forum for discussions about universities in the East and West Midlands.
Nunnery Court 2015/16 by Lulumise 13 minutes ago 655,130
Use this forum for discussions about universities in the South of England.
The 'I'm Coming to Exeter'... by Arkasia 25 minutes ago 1,826,376
Use this forum for discussions about universities in Greater London.
does london school of... by ftahir02 34 minutes ago 829,953
Use this forum for discussions about applying to Scottish universities.
Is it hard to get into the... by wretfguhijkiyt 39 minutes ago 267,260
Use this forum for discussions about applying to Welsh universities.
Applied to Bangor 2015 by climber96 2 hours ago 114,202
Use this forum for discussions about applying to universities in Northern Ireland.
Stranmillis 2015 by kendellex 3 hours ago 32,180
Considering flexible learning options? Talk about distance learning here.
what if i dont receive saas... by pineaaapple 4 hours ago 31,620
Discussion of universities, colleges and courses outside the UK.
Anybody studying in Japan,... by ferret141 6 hours ago 85,174
Careers and Jobs
Last Post Posts
Questions answered by Jon Steel, WPP's Group Planning Director, who also leads the company's Fellowship program.
Please help i cant decide... by Jake54321 08-11-2014 22
Considering an apprenticeship? Our Aldi experts are on hand to tell you all you need to know about working for Aldi
NEED HELP: With question on... by mr T 999 01-05-2015 39
Discussion about apprenticeships, school-leaver schemes and more.
OPITO Apprenticeship - Anyone? by Hutch97 1 Hour Ago 20,487
Discussion about careers in different sectors, for work experience to graduate schemes. Please note: not the place for advertising job opportunities.
Job titles - do they play a... by Doctor_Einstein 1 minute ago 990,455
Discussion about all kinds of temporary work, for Saturday jobs to summer holidays and gap years. Please note: not the place for advertising job opportunities.
The McDonalds Thread Mk II by anonymoususerx 1 Hour Ago 240,524
If you would like your CV and cover letter reviewed in confidence by our team of advisers, post in this forum. Only our team of advisers, yourself and the TSR moderators will be able to view it.
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