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Debate and current affairs

Serious discussion on everything from politics to theology.

Last Post Threads
Join the debate on the latest breaking news stories.
Emma watson delivers speech,... by Chief Wiggum 4 minutes ago 105,956
Discuss current events and changes in the education system.
Are Oxford and Cambridge the... by Incubator 1 Hour Ago 43,542
Order! Order! Discussion of UK politics lives here.
Should low-skilled... by Jammy Duel 5 minutes ago 18,996
Discuss events occurring around the world.
Ukraine. by DErasmus 2 hours ago 6,957
Where we tackle issues that have an impact on our society.
Article on the lad culture... by Annaaaa 21 minutes ago 10,269
Where philosophical questions are discussed and debated.
Do religion and faith create... by Bushido Brown 7 hours ago 4,092
Where we're talking all things religious, spiritual and theological.
Why Christians have and... by Al-farhan 29 minutes ago 12,678
Join the discussion of all things historical.
Planned genocide by... by ageshallnot 2 hours ago 1,395
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