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The Official "Who Are You?" Thread

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    Screen Name: Evangeline97

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Lee

    First Name: Evangeline

    Birth Place: Singapore

    Birth Date: 1st March 1997

    Age: 15

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Singapore

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Jessica (half sister) , Arthur (21)

    Eye Colour: Dark brown

    Hair Colour: Dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty

    Education: I took PSLE in Singapore.

    GCSE's: Not taking GCSE but O levels next year.

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:</b><br />
    Might go to the UK/US for university.


    Colour: Teal

    Sport: Ice-skating, jogging, tchoukball, rugby.

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Iced lemon tea

    Alcoholic Drink: NA

    Football (Soccer) Team: Manchester

    School Subject: English, Elementary math, additional math, triple science and elective humanities.

    Holiday Destination: Europe

    Crisp Flavour: Can't decide

    Soap Opera: Not into any..

    Movie: Hunger Games, Batman (?)

    General Interests & Aspirations
    I love science and math!

    (Talk here for 2 or 3 sentences about what you enjoy, and where you hope to get to)
    I enjoy listening to music, playing music and doing sports. I hope to become a doctor in the future. I love the nature too!

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    Screen Name: Paigeboyd1

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Boyd

    First Name: Paige

    Birth Place: Armagh, Northern Ireland

    Birth Date: 4th May 1996

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Lurgan, Northern Ireland

    Siblings (Names & Ages): --

    Eye Colour: Blue/Green

    Hair Colour: Naturally light brown, but I often dye it a much darker brown!

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: level 6

    KS3 English: level 7+

    KS3 Science: (school didn't do ks3 in science)


    Year taken 2011/2012
    Learning for Life and Work (LLW):
    Results not yet received.

    AS Levels
    Year taken: --
    (Hopefully doing)
    English Literature:
    Applied ICT:
    Either Religion or Maths:

    Year taken: --

    Universities Applied to:

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:


    Colour: Purple

    Sport: Netball/Vollyball

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: BPM energy drink or Diet Coke

    Alcoholic Drink: I don't drink alcohol!

    Football (Soccer) Team: Liverpool

    School Subject: English/French

    Holiday Destination: Florida/Paris

    Crisp Flavour: Mexican Chili

    Soap Opera:

    Movie: A Walk to Remember or My Sister's Keeper

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I enjoy art, technology, ICT and English. I also enjoy learning the French language which I hope to keep on outside of school, or pick up again once I've finished studying. I hope to study Website design in University or some sort of design course (maybe interior?) and I also am considering going into Journalism as a career. I hope to move to Paris once I have finished studying to live for at least a few years, and become fluent in the language.
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    [Note: please ensure that you're happy for any information posted here to be publicly available]



    Screen Name: Linnerzx

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Sprint

    First Name: Lindsay

    Birth Place: Glasgow

    Birth Date: 29/05/1991

    Age: 21

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Glasgow

    Siblings (Names & Ages): My little sister, Fiona, 19

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Blue!

    Lefty/Righty: Right.


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: I've

    KS3 English: No

    KS3 Science: Idea


    Year taken: 2007

    IT: A
    Maths: A
    English: B
    German: B
    Geography: B
    Graphics: B
    R.E: B
    Dual Award Science: CC

    Year taken:2009

    Business: A
    Psychology: B
    Economics: C

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Edinburgh
    2: Strathclyde
    3: Stirling
    4: Liverpool Hope

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:
    Strathclyde, BA Hons in Marketing & Management Science 2013.


    Colour: Blue

    Sport: Skiing

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Pepsi Max

    Alcoholic Drink: Eristoff Gold & Coke

    Football (Soccer) Team: N/A

    School Subject: Maths

    Holiday Destination: NY

    Crisp Flavour: Prawn Cocktail

    Soap Opera: It's not a Soap Opera but I don't watch them so I'm just gonna say Buffy!!

    Movie: Cannot decide, but it's between Inception, Black Swan and Tron Legacy.

    General Interests & Aspirations

    So I am about to enter my final year at uni and am working at a cinema in the mean time to earn some money I'm kind of not sure about what I want to do when I leave uni, I've thought about going into sales, teaching, or even joining the police. Pretty broad options there! Guess we'll see where I end up.
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    Screen Name: Robin Scherbatsky
    Gender: Female
    Surname: Hansell
    First Name: Daisy
    Birth Place: Milton Keynes
    Birth Date: 22/07/1993
    Age: 19
    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Cornwall
    Siblings (Names & Ages): A brother, Tom, who is 20, and a half-sister, Katy, who is...in her thirties. I'm not sure where.
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS
    KS3 Maths: Level 5?
    KS3 English: Level 7?
    KS3 Science: Level 5? Level 6?

    Year taken: 2009
    English: A
    English Literature: A
    History: A
    Science: C
    Maths: C
    Art: D
    I.T.: Pass
    French: C
    R.E.: Like...B or C
    Citizenship: E or something lmfao
    P.E.: C? Was this even a thing? I forget...
    Maybe there were more but I forget.

    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2009-2012. It's complicated. I did a third year as I dropped two subjects at the end of my first year and took up two new ones.
    Photography: B
    Graphics: E
    Drama: Probably a C or something. (I took this in my third year, after realising I wanted to act.)

    Year taken: 2010-2012
    Medieval History: C
    English Language: A (I took this and History in my first year, so I got the results last year. Well. Except I originally got a B in this. I retook the AS paper - in which I was terrible at first because I didn't understand the subject and got a C - in January to get the A.)
    Classical Civilisation: HOPEFULLY a B
    English Literature: HOPEFULLY an A or A*

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Royal Holloway
    2: Kent
    3: Loughborough
    4: Winchester
    5: Bishop Grossteste or something. I only picked it to have a fifth choice and it was one of the only others to offer the course I wanted. They offered me an interview (twice) but I turned them down.

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course: -


    Colour: Blue
    Sport: Bodyboarding, swimming and tennis
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Fruit smoothies
    Alcoholic Drink: Malibu with pineapple juice
    Football (Soccer) Team: None
    School Subject: English, Drama
    Holiday Destination: America, maybe? I had a great holiday in Italy earlier this year. Next year we're hoping to go to Greece.
    Crisp Flavour: Chilli heatwave Doritos
    Soap Opera: EastEnders
    Movie: Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, Run Fatboy Run, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (if it counts)

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I really want to be an actress; I'll consider that goal accomplished once I have a Wikipedia page. It doesn't matter if it's a tiny stub, but as long as I have a page at least saying I'm an actress I'll feel as if I've been successful. I'm hoping to do Drama and English at Royal Holloway in London and I am bricking it over the results, because I am sooo desperate to get to London. I love watching TV, drawing, socialising, shopping, chocolate, crying over romantic stuff...the usual.
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    Screen Name: zzzuzana
    Gender: Female
    Surname: Hodakova
    First Name: Zuzana
    Birth Place: Slovakia
    Birth Date: 31.03.1994
    Age: 18
    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Bratislava, Slovakia
    Siblings (Names & Ages): Richard (5), Pauline (2)
    Eye Colour: Green
    Hair Colour: Blond
    Lefty/Righty: Righty

    - nothing like A Levels, only the slovak "Maturita"

    Universities Applied to:
    1: UCL
    2: King's College London
    3: Queen Mary
    4: University of Essex

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:
    - KCL, Molecular Genetics BSc. - starting in September 2012


    Colour: Black
    Sport: Snowboarding
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Juice
    Alcoholic Drink: Cosmopolitan
    Football (Soccer) Team: don't watch football, only ice hockey
    School Subject: Biology
    Holiday Destination: Australia
    Movie: Lord Of The Rings
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    KS3Surname: Thiesen (pronounced teasin)

    First Name: Julia Marie
    Birth Place: rendsburg, northern Germany

    Birth Date: 14.12.90
    Age: 21

    Current Place of Residence: Paignton, South Devon

    Eye Colour: Green

    Hair Colour: Blonde


    the German education system is a bit complicated to explain
    but I did my A levels in Germany and my main subjects were German and English.

    Current University: South Devon College, (belongs to Plymouth University)


    Colour: Green

    Sport: Yoga, Badminton, Bicycle tours

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea

    Alcoholic Drink: Pimms, German beer

    Football (Soccer) Team: ahem... Germany obviously

    School Subject: English

    Holiday Destination: home to Germany

    Crisp Flavour: salt and vinegar

    Soap Opera: no thank you

    Movie: Fear and Loathing in las Vegas

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I have been singing since 9 years old and at the age of 14 I started acting. I've done issue based drama with topics around binge drinking and bullying. But I've also done bigger productions like Romeo and Juliet.
    In my first year of uni we did some extracts of 4.48 Psychosis and I loved it.
    As well as we created our on production which was played on a trawler.

    Acting/Directing and singing is what I love doing. besides this I also enjoy nature, walks, good food, drawing, painting, fishing, girls nights, filming, cutting videos, creating music videos.

    And thats me
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    Screen Name: rebecca180

    Gender: female

    First Name: becky

    Birth Date: 22nd october 1993

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): billingham

    Siblings (Names & Ages): brother 16 sister 22

    Eye Colour: green

    Hair Colour: brown / blonde in summer

    Lefty/Righty: righty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: 5a

    KS3 English: 5a

    KS3 Science: 5a

    GCSE's: 10
    Year taken 2010

    english - A
    maths - A
    science - B
    applied science - B
    history - B
    geography - A
    textiles - A
    religious education - B
    physical education - C
    french - A

    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2011
    psychology- A
    geography - B
    sociology - B
    health and social care - B

    Year taken: 2012

    Dont know my results yet, i get them next thursday, argh!

    Universities Applied to:
    1: durham
    2: teeside
    3: northumbria
    4: salford
    5: sunderland


    Colour: purple

    Sport: swimming and zumba? if it counts..

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: coffee

    Alcoholic Drink: skittlebombs

    Football (Soccer) Team: middlesbrough!

    School Subject: psychology

    Holiday Destination: turkey

    Crisp Flavour: cheese and onion

    Soap Opera: neighbour

    Movie: thats a difficult one!

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Im hoping to get into Durham to do psychology applied at the John Snow college in stockton at the queens campus site. This is my firm choice so aslong as i get the grades i need then this is where i will be going. After doing my three years here, i hope to go into either social work or rehabilitation work.
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    Hello, My name is Sonia and I am New yayyyyyy Erm, how do i start my own thread
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    Screen Name: phenomanomable

    Gender: female

    First Name: Frankie

    Birth Date: 10th May 1995

    Age: 17

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Wakefield

    Siblings (Names & Ages): sister, 14

    Eye Colour: unsure, green-ish?

    Hair Colour: brown

    Lefty/Righty: righty


    GCSE's - 13
    Year taken - 2011

    English - A*
    English Lit - A
    Maths - A*
    Further Maths - A*
    Chemistry - A*
    Biology - A*
    Physics - A*
    Spanish - A*
    IT - A
    Religious Education - A
    Business Studies double award - A* A*
    Drama - B

    AS Levels

    English Lit

    I get my results in 8 days and 13 hours (not like I have a countdown on my desktop or anything)

    Universities Applied to:

    None yet, and struggling a bit to decide to be honest!


    Colour: green

    Sport: tae kwon do

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: tea

    Alcoholic Drink: jaeger

    School Subject: law

    Movie: changes very often, right now it has to be Prometheus (is a crush on David weird?)
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    Screen Name: Don't really have one

    Gender: Female

    First Name: Ida

    Birth Date: 30th January 1993

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Vestfold, Norway

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Two sisters, 13 and 17

    Eye Colour: Olive green

    Hair Colour: Ginger

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    No such thing as A-levels here, but I do have the Vitnemål Diploma which you need to get into higher education.
    I graduated with an average of 4,36, which I think is roughly the same as ABB

    Universities Applied to:

    1: University of East Anglia (unconditional firm)
    2: University of Essex (unconditional insurance)
    3: Roehampton University (declined)
    4: Swansea University (withdrawn)


    Colour: Red

    Sport: Horseback riding, I guess

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Ice tea

    Alcoholic Drink: Riesling white wines, or a Long Island Iced Tea

    School Subject: English!

    Movie: Some favourites are Lucky Number Slevin, In Bruges, Requiem for a Dream, Snatch, A night at the Roxbury and more recently The Dark Knight Rises.
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    Screen Name: Kittaaaay

    Gender: Female

    First Name: Kitty

    Birth Date: 4th October

    Age: 15

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Rayong, Thailand

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Four half siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Brothers are estranged.

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Black and pink.

    Lefty/Righty: Born a lefty but was taught to be a righty?



    2013 Predicted Grades

    English Literature - A*
    English Language - A
    Higher Maths - B/A
    Double Science Award - A A
    ICT - A*
    Business Studies - A*
    Geography - A


    Colour: Teal

    Sport: Netball

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water

    Crisp Flavour: Salt and vinegar! Or chicken, depending on my mood.

    Movie: So many ..

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I feel like the most boring person in the world. There's nothing that I really like or want to do, so I'm probably just going to pursue something I'm good at. Looking at getting a degree in a science or engineering after IB.
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    (Original post by phenomanomable)
    Movie: changes very often, right now it has to be Prometheus (is a crush on David weird?)
    A crush on David is really not weird, he's pretty cool :P although I do follow him in every film he's ever done so I might be a little bias
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    Sure, I'll bite.


    Screen Name: OrangeUK

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Adam

    First Name: Andrew

    Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland

    Birth Date: 30th November 1992

    Age: 19

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Paisley, Scotland

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Sister (Don't want to put her name without consent, sorry) - 24

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Black

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS: I Have not got a clue what this means

    KS3 Maths: I have not got a clue what this means

    KS3 English: I have not got a clue what this means

    KS3 Science: I have not got a clue what this means


    Year taken

    Do not sit GCSE's in Scotland.

    AS Levels
    Year taken:

    I have not got a clue what this means

    Year taken:

    I have not got a clue what this means

    Universities Applied to:
    1: University of the West of Scotland

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course: University of The West of Scotland - BSc, 4 year course, Computer Games Development.


    Colour: Blue

    Sport: Football

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water

    Alcoholic Drink: Disaronno & Coke

    Football (Soccer) Team: Rangers FC

    School Subject: History

    Holiday Destination: Orlando Florida, USA.

    Crisp Flavour: Don't eat Crisps

    Soap Opera: Don't watch Soaps

    Movie: I have a few i like; Lord of The Rings, Batma, Spiderman, The Avengers... I'll stop, so, so many favourites and i wouldn't be able to pick one outright.

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I enjoy playing games, listening to music all day - Without it i don't know where i would be, Going to the Football (Season ticket holder at Ibrox Stadium), Watching Movies and going out with friends. I have done 2 years of College and now moving on to 4 years of university - I am really looking forward to it and i hope to be able to pass and do something with my degree.
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    (Original post by SparkeyScene)
    A crush on David is really not weird, he's pretty cool :P although I do follow him in every film he's ever done so I might be a little bias
    Ahaha, glad I'm not the only one with a creepy robot crush
    I follow that man religiously, it's fast becoming an obsession
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    Screen Name: LottsX

    Gender: female

    Surname: Towler

    First Name: Charlotte

    Birth Place: London

    Birth Date: 27th May

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Oxfordshire

    Siblings (Names & Ages): only child

    Eye Colour: blue

    Hair Colour: blonde

    Lefty/Righty: rightyy



    Year taken 2009/2010

    English language: A*
    english lit: A*
    maths: A*
    french: A*
    chemistry: A*
    biology: A*
    physics: A*
    art: A*
    history: A
    latin: A*
    rs: A*
    ict: A*

    fsmq: A

    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2011
    Biology: A
    Chemistry: A
    Maths: A
    Further maths: A
    Physics: A

    Year taken: 2012

    Further maths:
    results next thursday aaahh

    Universities Applied to:
    1: oxford
    2: bristol
    3: exeter
    4: durham
    5: bath

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:


    Colour: don't really have one

    Sport: tennis

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: lemonade

    Alcoholic Drink: vodka and coke or cosmopolitans

    Football (Soccer) Team: nonee

    School Subject: chemistry

    Holiday Destination: caribbean

    Crisp Flavour: prawn cocktail

    TV programme: the OC

    Movie: too many

    General Interests & Aspirations

    i'm taking a gap yah in which i plan to do plenty of travelling around the world, after that i'll hopefully be at bristol uni studying biochemistry
    follow me on twitter @Lotti_Towler

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    1.) Monkeymouse
    2.) Male
    3.) Yarkony
    4.) Alex
    5.) Aylesbury, Bucks.
    6.) 18th May 93
    7.) 19
    8.) Wendover Bucks.
    9.) 1 Sister - Aimee aged 26
    10.) Brown
    11.) Brown
    12.) Righty
    13.) 5 GCSE's
    14.) 2009
    15.) Maths, English, History, Science, IT grades B & C
    16.) No A's - did BTEC II Computing
    17.) 2010
    18.) Distinction
    19.) No A'levels - did BTEC III Computing
    20.) 2012
    21.) Dinstinction / Distinction / Merit
    22.) Manchester, Warwick, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Reading
    23.) Will be attending Portsmouth to study Computer Science
    24.) Black
    25.) Ultimate Frisbee
    26.) Pepsi Max
    27.) Jack Daniels and Coke
    28.) Not into footy
    29.) History
    30.) USA
    31.) Cheese & Onion
    32.) Don't watch soap opera's.
    33.) Anchorman
    34.) computer gaming, computers, going to see movies. I hope to one day own my own games design company. I enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee.
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    Screen Name: ImNotMentalGender: MaleSurname: TorrieFirst Name: ChrisBirth Place: Glasgow, ScotlandBirth Date: 6th May 1990Age: 22Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): GlasgowSiblings (Names & Ages): James (8)Eye Colour: BlueHair Colour: Dark brownLefty/Righty: RightyEducationGCSE's:Year taken: 2006Maths: 2English: 1Biology: 3Computing: 1History: 4Colleges Applied to:1: Anniesland College (Accepted and attending)2: City of Glasgow College (Accepted)3: Stow College (Accepted)FavouritesColour: Black/White to wear, grey in general.Sport: Football (obviously)Non-Alcoholic Drink: WaterAlcoholic Drink: Lager (Stella), JD+CFootball (Soccer) Team: Celtic, ArsenalSchool Subject: Computing, EnglishHoliday Destination: SalouCrisp Flavour: Prawn CocktailSoap Opera: I'm forced currently to like shows such as The Bachelor and Hollyoaks.Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine, Harold And Kumar, 28 Days Later, I Am LegendMusic: I like a variety. To elaborate, I love Showtek, Oasis, Angerfist, Coldplay and Hardwell. I'm dying to go to MoH next year. General Interests & AspirationsGenerally all I'm interested in right now is getting drunk and doing daft stuff with the missus. I'm aspiring to become a freelance network engineer or something similar, I've always loved arsing about with networks, software and digital hardware. I'm currently not allowed to access anyone in my family's computers/laptops etc without supervisionn, as I regularly get blamed for any technical faults because I'm always "fixing" things.Right now, I work in Tesco part time and I'm looking forward to getting back to full time education; I actually left my full-time job to go part-time for college, and anyone in the UK knows how scarce full-time jobs are these days. Exciting stuff!
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    Screen Name:Aek-94
    Gender: Male.
    First Name: Andrew
    Birth Place: Liverpool, England.
    Birth Date: Sunday, June 19th 1994 (Father's Day '94)
    Age: 18.
    Current Place of Residence: Merseyside, England.
    Siblings (Names & Ages): One Sister - Eve, 16 yrs old.
    Eye Colour: Blue.
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown.
    Lefty/Righty: Righty.


    KS3 SATS
    KS3 Maths: 4.
    KS3 English: 5.
    KS3 Science: 4.

    GCSE's (Years taken: 2008-09)
    English Language:B.
    English Literature: B.
    Maths: C.
    Science: C. (x2)
    History: B.
    Geography: A.
    French: C.
    I.T: C.
    R.E.: C.

    AS Levels (Years taken: 2011)
    History: C.
    Geography: C.
    English Language: C.
    Media: C.

    A-Levels (Year taken: 2012)
    History: Unknown until 16th Aug.
    English Language: Unknown until 16th Aug.
    Media: Unknown until 16th Aug.

    Universities Applied to:
    1: Aberystwyth University
    2: University of Sheffield
    3: University of Manchester
    4: Keele University
    5: University of the West of England

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:
    Unconditional Offer from Entrance Schloarship Examinations to study Political Studies (BScEcon) at Aberystwyth University.


    Colour: Blue & Green.
    Sport: Athletics & Windsurfing.
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Cappuccino.
    Alcoholic Drink: Peroni (a pale lager from Italy).
    Football (Soccer) Team: Not really a football person.
    School Subject: Geography.
    Holiday Destination: New York City & Tenerife.
    Crisp Flavour: Cheese and Onion.
    Soap Opera: EastEnders, simply because of the drama.
    Movie: The Ghost, Minority Report, quite a few really.

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Ideally I'd eventually like to get a job working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. As for interests, I love travelling (i.e. seeing other cultures, and different places) and pretty obviously from what I've wrote on here, I like politics, both domestic and overseas.
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    Screen Name: crazyoctopus

    Gender: Female

    Birth Place: London

    Birth Date: March 1994

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): London

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Blackish Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty



    Year taken 2010

    - Maths: A*
    - Eng Lit: A
    - Eng Lang: A
    - Core Science: A
    - Additional Science: A
    - French: B
    - Statistics: B

    AS Levels
    Year taken: 2011
    Maths: A
    Economics: C
    Sociology: C
    Eng Lit: D

    Year taken: 2012


    Universities Applied to:
    1: University of Westminster (Firm)
    2: University of Greenwich (Insurance)
    3: Royal Holloway
    4: University of Hertfordshire
    5: Middlesex University


    Colour: Blue

    Sport: Football?

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Water

    School Subject: Maths

    Crisp Flavour: Ready Salted

    Movie: Toy Story

    General Interests & Aspirations
    I enjoy shopping - who doesn't - as well as sitting around doing nothing. I'd like to go into Investment Banking one day, unless I find something more interesting by then.
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