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June 23rd

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  • View Poll Results: What excites you most about the prospect of leaving the EU?
    Bringing back control of our laws to a democracy
    The money we would save
    The trade deals we could make
    Control of our borders
    removal of red tape for businesses

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    Please note this forum is intended to be private for the group 'Brexiters', but I might have set it up wrong so sorry if it IS actually public

    Welcome everyone, I hope members from all across the political spectrum will come together here with the same common goal of regaining independence and leaving the EU; and that we can all treat others civilly, even when we disagree.
    This forum has two basic purposes
    1 - to discuss the things we dislike most about being part of the modern EU, or why we would be better leaving it.
    and 2 - to create a strategy of getting across this message in the most effective way on TSR (I also think we should alert each other of new relevant forums somewhere, so everybody knows where they can join in)

    I think the trade deals are pretty exciting. But of course getting out of this Europe eugenics project is very important too.

    Hi all, thanks for the invite. How are you guys getting involved at the moment in campaigning ?
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    (Original post by The_Dragon_)
    Hi all, thanks for the invite. How are you guys getting involved at the moment in campaigning ?

    Thanks for joining us.

    Doing nothing official at the moment, personally, but I strongly believe we would be better outside of the EU, and am speaking to everyone I know about it. Lots of them have a pre-determined view that anyone sensible wouldn't want to leave the EU, but then when we start discussing how the European commission works and our current inability to make trade deals, it isn't that hard to persuade people. They just need to go out and vote
    How about you?

    I assumed the poll was a single choice as opposed to multi-choice, but ultimately, I feel that all the benefits that come with Brexit, come under the grande umbrella that is our democracy and I feel very passionate about that. While 'Remainers' argue that the 'Brexiteers' should put forward their case more because they have more to prove, I disagree. If we truly value democracy, it should be 'Remainers' that have to fight more, when consider how we elected Eurosceptics and Euro-reformers in the European Election and brought in a Majority Conservative Government to give us a referendum. The choice in my view is clear - Britain or Europe - and we can see this by Juncker's statement that there are too many part-time Europeans, that we should think of our European interest than our national interest - contradiction to Cameron's 'patriotism'

    I will say here and now, that I am not against what the EU has done and that it does have positive effects. However, I do question it and what the EU is moving towards, that I believe the UK will be better off out. I dislike the fact that people get mixed up between the EU and Europe, and also dislike plans of the EU becoming greater than NATO (EU Army) and the Council of Europe to render them redundant. It is the Council of Europe that we should thank for peace, for uniting Europe (47 members compared to EU's 28), fighting for Human Rights (the Convention on HR, which all members listen to, while the EU have their own Charter and put its members at risk of breaching of the Convention, which I learnt has happened in one Human Rights lecture I attended), for respecting the rule of law (unlike the EU) and promoting equality (like the Convention against Violence against Women and Girls)

    It is NOT all about the EU and this is the message we need to send imo. Cameron argued the EU has kept the peace for all these years, but that is a total lie, as the EU did not start dipping their fingers in multiple pies until 1992 (as the European Community) - I believe in the people of the UK, the UK and the people of Europe and most importantly, democracy

    I also apologise if this sounds like a lecture, but hope this answers the Q of where I come from, of what leaving the EU will fix
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Updated: May 10, 2016
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