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    Basically i was doing an ICT/Business Extended Diploma Level 3 I was predicted (DMM) so i applied for Plymouth University and was accepted, I'm meant to be leaving in two months to go over to Plymouth but my results are top marks (D*D*D*) which is meant to be the same as A*A*A* which gives me to option of Adjustment on UCAS, i don't really believe that my diploma is the same as top mark A Level results but i still want to go to the best possible university i just won't help on deciding what universities would really take me on with these grades even after a gap year if it comes to it.

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    Hang on, you've got grades equivalent to A*A*A* and yet you can't even use one full stop in your post?

    Adjustment will not open until A Level results day and few people get places through it. so it's not really something to count on. If you're happy with Plymouth then stick with it - there's no point going to a uni that you perceive as "better" if you won't be happy there.


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