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The Guardian: The last days of a white world (please read this concerning article)

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    (Original post by MrControversial)
    What you are really saying is that white people are not allowed to care about themselves and this is unacceptable.

    I would be loath to say that we should seek out absolute racial purity but on the otherhand seeking ethnic clensing by supporting policies of extreme breeding and immigration is actually a bigger atrocity.
    Why so fixated? This does intrigue me....

    Everyone has differences and things in common with different people.
    What matters is that cultures evolve and are also preserved in some sense, they form the bedrock while race is less important. I think we need to limit immigration on this basis, because cultures are what give life a common soul and purpose. I think however the right numbers of immigrants with high levels of mixing and mixed children is no problem, in fact it's good for genetics, the more varied genes from around world the better. As I say, I believe in much less immigration from now, because high levels do not foster mixing, they foster the cultural/population war scenario you mention, and because I favour the development and enhancement of a shared culture and therefore tribe of nation that people feel solidarity with. However I think the balance is to be struck between outmixture and variance, and not a single groups dominance.

    (Original post by Crassy;67247950

    But if you have any problem with that profound demographic and cultural shift turning your country into an[b

    unrecognisable identityless wasteland with no community or shared purpose?[/b] Oh your obviously a white supremacist who hates all non-whites! Not to mention the same thing has miraculously been forced on Western european countries, even countries like Sweden which had replacement level birth rates has gone from paradise to multicultural hell in 30 years, but it's all unavoidable and natural and good I guess. Better let in more "refugees" and give them free apartments and benefits.

    . It's about distinct ethnic groups being wiped out in the name of corporate interests and their own "tolerance". Guarantee if it were your ethnic group that faced the same thing you and no one else would cheer it on. The propaganda is deep.
    The point you seem to ignore here is that that is as much about culture, rates of immigration from ANYWHERE, and the economic and political system that makes for this as it is about race. You can have people have been in a country generations who are ethnically varied, and still not have mass immigration flows from wherever(white or black)and have a political and economic system based on the national interests, that is not sociopathic.

    I would agree that there is heavy economic element in it, as with all our decisions, including EU membership, at Washington's behest, that is mostly to do with money, and in the most odious manner dressed up as about morals, whilst people are preached to. It is the most head-up-their-arse, sickening self seeking bile. It is only because the echo chamber is so self-validating, and because they hector so hard that they fail to realise that the silent majority hates them for stifling all debate like little totalitarians doing the bidding of the neoliberal regime.
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Updated: September 3, 2016
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