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1 Paragraph: How long is too long?

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    Is there such thing? :confused:
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    when you write an entire essay with no definable paragraphs, thats too much..
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    Is there such thing? :confused:
    I would say no more than 6 lines Arial 12.
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    if it is all to do with the same point/issue, then the paragraph can be as long as is necessary. you will be able to find where there are breaks, where you divert course a little. but if not, then 1 big-ass paragraph is the way forward
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    The size of a paragraph depends on the subject matter, as mentioned by VT; issues of typeface, point size, aesthetics are all irrelevant.
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    whats it about?
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    Video Game Violence
    yes please
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    A paragraph can be as long as you want, however the point of a paragraph is to separate the subjects and what your saying in your essay. You dont only write about one thing, therefore a paragraph shouldnt be that long theoretically
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    need my email btw?
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    thats the one i was gonna give you anyway
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    I'd say 3/4 of a page written is too long. for a paragraph.
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    I'll send it to your hotmail account, only place i can think of attaching a file too.

    I can see your email
    ah yes.. so you can..
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    you have mail
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    (Original post by spikeymike)
    Yep, recieved, thanks

    It's always good to know when someone else also thinks it's good. :p:

    I would rep you but i can't, still another 22 days :lolwut:
    people that go out and kill others after seeing it on a video game, have to have a serious mental pre-disposition... and maybe mention the Hitman series, or manhunt..


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