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    Would anyone be interested in joining a hollyoaks society?
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    Yeah I would!
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    yeah.......why not?
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    Good good I've applied for the society to become a society, so now it's just wait and hope time!
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    Yeah go for it!!!!!
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    i would like 2 join 2!!
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    So people know, I've attached a copy of the image I applied to have as logo. What do you all think?
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    Love It
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    Can I join?
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    sure . I'm just waiting for it to be made official, then everyone can sign up properly.
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    So what does everyone think of:
    *Becca and Justin
    *Sarah and Rhys
    *Clare and Max
    *OB and Mel
    *any other couples/potential couples

    Personally, I love Becca and Justin being together. Although I don't think it would work in real life I think it's a great storyline. I hated the Sarah and Rhys storyline the first time it came up (when Rhys thought Sarah was older then finished things when he found out she was 16) then it went away and since it's started up again I really like it! I think Max and Clare make a good couple, but it's a bit boring and they've only been seeing each other for 5 minutes and they already seem like a married couple!! I think OB's far too good for Mel, he deserves someone who'll treat him well.
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    O.o I'd love to join.

    I think that the justin/Becca situation is good but the storyline is so drawn out! I would love it If she ended up sleepi g with justin, while shes sleeping with jake and gets pregnant! Sarah and rhys is cute, Id love for them to do more storylines with those guys, Clare and max are great - finally hes happy! Gettin a bit bored of the mel storyline, and OB total overraction to clare and max.. I Mean he knew max liked her but he would of also gladly gone out with her anyway!
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    cant wait for the back from the dead episode tonight!!

    great logo ~Bex~ :love:
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    (Original post by lil_groovy_dude)
    cant wait for the back from the dead episode tonight!!

    great logo ~Bex~ :love:

    you'll have to wait I'm afraid lol, it doesn't start til tomorrow!!
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    Yah, tis tomorrow.

    I love Claire and Max, I think he's been waiting far too long for a nice girl. He's a real sweet guy, just not a looker!

    Gilly PISSES ME OFF. Had to get that out.
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    So what does everyone think of:
    *Becca and Justin

    Like someone said, been going on for toooo long. Becca is also annoying me the way she isn't listening to Mandy's advice.

    *Sarah and Rhys
    Yay, good coz she's like the least bitchy girl.

    *OB and Mel
    Mel should get professional help, quick.
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    me me me! i wanna join!
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    (Original post by ~Bex~)
    you'll have to wait I'm afraid lol, it doesn't start til tomorrow!!
    oops, meant to say tomorrow night!
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    (Original post by lil_groovy_dude)
    oops, meant to say tomorrow night!
    lol, just didn't want you tuning into channel 4 tonight expecting to see it and being hugely dissappointed!! How awful would that be?!


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