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Amsterdam University (UVA) Applicants 2012

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    Just applied to Economics and Business at amsterdam and have just sat the maths test, wondering if anyone else has done the same and how they got on?
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    Hey mate,

    I'm sitting the exam week after next. What's it like and how is it done??

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    It's not too bad, my advice is to do the past papers... LOTS!
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    Ha, hope you aced it mate.

    Is it done by a timed internet link- writing your answers online??

    They've been very vague about the whole process in my view.
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    Thanks mate! Well what me and my teacher did was to do it on a sheet of paper and then scan it in to the computer and email it back to them.

    They accepted that and I'm meant to get my results any day now!

    On an awkward note I just also got accepted to Maastricht so now I have to decide
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    Good luck, keep us posted.

    Congrats. Didn't apply there, but I've visited Maastricht a few times and it is a pretty nice town. Very 'studenty.'
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    Are you guys going for undergrad or postgrad study?
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    Hey I applied to UVA to study Economics and Business but sadly I failed the entrance exam as I got 53% and you needed 60%. Just to give you a vague heads up, in order to get marks you have to have the correct answers shown with their workings as they informed me. It's not like maths in the uk where you get some marks for showing your workings. I'd say DEFO do the past papers again and again and focus on those especially nasty questions. I wish you all the best, hope you do better than I did lol such a disappointment.. :erm:
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    Sorry to hear that Choco, 7% is annoyingly close. Sure you'll have other options as good/better than Amsterdam anyway.

    Cheers for the advice.
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    Hi! I've also applied for the economics and business programme and took the mathematics test this morning, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Hey Corina. How did it go?

    Mine is next week, so fingers crossed.

    1. Does anyone remember how long it took to get their results back?
    2. How do they make sure people aren't getting helped by their supervisor? Would be a pain in the ass to spend all this time revising while someone gets their bloody teacher to do it!

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    I am taking it at the faculty.
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    Hey Jaffa,

    It was fine, I think I did pretty well. The exercises were very similar to those on their site. In fact I tought it was quite easy, but this might be because here in Romania we study Maths at a higher level I guess.
    As for your question: "2. How do they make sure people aren't getting helped by their supervisor?" , the answer is simple: they don't! They trust you, I guess.
    I could have been easily helped by my superviser, but (un)fortunately he's a very honest/righteous person, so he didn't say a word during the test
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    Ps. They mentioned that I will get the results in 1 or 2 weeks.
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    Hi, I got my result back in 6 days! = )
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    Hi! I got my result today, 10
    How did your exam go Jaffa?
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    Congrats! I suppose full marks isn't too bad...

    Is that you accepted to UVA now?

    Mine went pretty well, actually. Not sure about full marks but seemed alright. I'll post up results when they arrive.
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    Thanks and congrats to you too!
    They didn't mention anything about me being accepted, they only said that they will continue the admission procedure and they will contact me.
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    Thought I'd bump the thread as I get anxious waiting for maths results.

    Anyone heard any more from Amsterdam? Are they interviewing this year?


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