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Why do some people (mainly girls) take so many pictures of themselves?

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    This is something that has always baffled me. I'm sure most people know the type, the old 'my space pose', the 'duckface' and people who take pictures of their own reflection in the mirror. Just why? I can understand one or two but some people are obcessed with it.

    Just puzzles me, like what would compel someone to keep doing this. Do they just think, 'I'm bored, I know I'll take some more pictures of myself'!?
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    They have low self esteem and so need to post the photos on Facebook to seek validation from their friends that they're soooo hot. It's purely an ego boost.

    They're always geared to give the impression of how cool they are or how sexy they are. When all it does is show how much of a desperate attention seeker they are.

    Always with self taken photos containing the perfect angle pointing down their cleavage or nights out with girls doing random things - usually in nightclub bathrooms for some strange reason.
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    They want approval/praise.
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    Vanity is the only conclusion I can draw
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    I have no idea!.A lot of the time it's in the same pose too.
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    I think part of it, that is, taking identical photos absolutely everywhere at every opportunity is them needing people to think they have exciting social lives.

    "OMG last night was teh best nite evaaaaa! Luv mah gurrrlz!! xxxx <3"
    Really? You post that every weekend.

    I had a good old clean-up of my facebook "friends" list long ago, and these sorts of people were the first to go.
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    So they can haunt our newsfeeds with the dreaded `duckface`

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    I take loads of pictures... don't post many on social networking sites though. I just like to look back through them all every now and then and remember things/nights/events I might otherwise have forgotten.
    And people these days in general take more pictures because we don't need to pay for developing anymore!
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    Because everyone else refuses to take the pictures
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    To get attention. What annoys me even more is they edit the photo to make themselves look better!
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    Agree with #2. These people thrive off hearing other people favour their appearance. I disagree with self taken photos, let alone the posing types and I've not done it for a couple of years. It's weird how all the good nights out only seem to happen in dirty bathrooms!
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    I have never took a picture of myself tbh I don't like pictures being taken of me, but my Facebook says otherwise ... 713 :lol: but thats because my friends take their cameras everywhere
    There is a guy on my Facebook who is constantly changing his profile picture I swear its 5 times a day and they are always taken from above him whilst he is looking upwards with a duckface and a vest on ... and then complains on his statuses about how he hates vein people
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    (Original post by kog)
    So they can haunt our newsfeeds with the dreaded `duckface`

    how did you find such a perfect picture for this topic? how did you do it?
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    why do mainly females do it?
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    (Original post by effofex)
    why do mainly females do it?
    because they want to look hotter than their female friends wheras guys generally couldnt give a %$&*
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    Maybe it's because they have a deep rooted desire to become a duck or something? I'm not sure though I barely take any...
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    Because women's self-worth is based more on their appearance compared to men. Whereas being called 'pretty' would flatter a girl, a man being called 'strong' or 'clever' would flatter them the same. I've no definite idea why this is, but it appears to be the case.

    I assume it is because many of the people I know were treated like 'boys' or 'girls' from the year dot. Little girls being called 'princess', people saying 'aren't they pretty', whereas little boys get 'little man' and 'aren't they big/clever/funny'. The only exception to this rule seem to be particularly clever girls, as they receive the same 'aren't they clever' stuff in the same measure and at the same time as boys.
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    (Original post by Charzhino)
    because they want to look hotter than their female friends wheras guys generally couldnt give a %$&*
    But from the ones I noticed - how come it is mainly female people commenting on (and complimenting) the photos?
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    (Original post by applesdonothelp)
    Maybe it's because they have a deep rooted desire to become a duck or something?
    Haha. It all makes sense now!


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