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Education Studies - Derby Uni

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    Does anyone do this? Im wondering what the course is like, what the timetables like etc?

    Been offered a place on the course instead of Primary Education and im considering it.

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    this is what they habe done for me im also considering it!
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    Oh cool! I'm chuffed they have given an alternative instead of just saying no. It still gives me a shot at becoming a teacher! Do you know much about it other than what's on their website?
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    No, not really, though I volunteer in a school on a wednesday and the teacher who I work with went to Derby to do Education Studies then a PGCE and she said she loved it, it was an amazing uni, amazing course and a nice city. It sounds really good! As you say Im dead chuffed that theyve given me an alternative with strong links to teaching and becoming a qualified teacher. Have you got any other options of unis left?
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    The course seems great from what they say. Have discussed with my partner in great detail about it. Seems to offer a lot more options after the course and I like the "no exams" bit, I hate exams at the best of times!

    I'm waiting on notts trent now for english and they keep asking questions so I am hopeful! I'd prefer ntu because I'm 14mile away and derby I'm more like 30 mile away! I have to stay at home because of my partner and daughter so it limits where I can go. You've chosen a wide variety of places though. What one would you like to go to?
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    yea, Id love to go to York. I have to do my interview first, Im really keen on Derby at the moment though. However if im offerd a QTS course in either York or Chester Ill take it.
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    Yeah I don't blame you for that! Good luck at the interview and if you do decide on derby let me know! :-)
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    Hi, they offered me a place on Education Studies course too because my maths was too poor for the Primary Ed course! I'm quite disappointed because its dragging out the length it will take to become a teacher and I just want to teach SO BADLY.
    Does anyone know if this course similar to the Primary ed? I haven't even considered it before this.
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    I have just finished an education studies degree at derby and i have loved every minute of it, i have also gained a place on the pgce for sept at the said uni. Becoming a teacher via this route is the same amout of time as doing primary education. However that is depending on getting on the pgce first time round. My advice would be to gain experience throughout the degree. Go to as many different and varied schools as you can this will shine through when applying for the pgce in the future.

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Updated: July 2, 2012
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