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Is it possible to get a university to reconsider their rejection decision?

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    I got rejected from my top choice university last month... but today my predicted grade was revised and I was wondering if it is possible to email the university to reconsider my application?
    the course I applied for has the typical offer/minimum requirement of 38 pts IB, 766 HL; I applied with 39 points (excluding bonus), but with 775 at HL (History, Philosophy and English respectively), and I feel that this 5 for English was what got me rejected
    But now my 5 got moved to a 6 .. today... making my predicted grade 40 (excluding bonus) with 776 for HL.
    I personally think that this puts me in a much stronger position.. so I was wondering if it would be possible to inform the university of this change and ask them to reconsider... or would I be wasting my time? Would UCAS even allow such a change? Is it too late?
    This is my top university choice and I really really want it so I would do anything if I stand a chance!

    By the way my standard level subjects are: mandarin chinese (7), maths standard (6) and d&t (7) if that makes any difference

    Thank you so much!!
    I'm new to this website so sorry if there's anything wrong with my post
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    You couldn't do it via UCAS, but what you might be able to do is contact the University directly and ask if they'll accept written confirmation of your revised grade from your school.

    They may say they'll look at you again, they may tell you their decision is final, the latter is more likely however.
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    I think it's unlikely that the university will revise your application, unfortunately. There's no harm in calling them up.

    I would definitely complain to your college though for 'changing their mind'. Seems unprofessional.
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    The problem is that now you've been rejected, it will look as though you're just making up this new predicted grade. Even if your prediction has changed, it's awful timing.

    So if you email the uni they won't do anything.

    If you get your referee to email, the uni may reconsider - but it's most likely that they won't.


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Updated: March 24, 2012
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