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What did you buy this week? Mk II.

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    (Original post by sarCAZm)
    Just bought a wonderbra..its kind of fabulous...
    I never liked mine :/ It wasn't too tight but the underwire/boning pressed into the space between my cleavage and it was bloody painful. Also the cut on the cup was an atrocious design because the diagonal stitching down the cup stuck out too much even without the padding making it more obvious. This was on both my Wonderbras.
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    needed some new trainers and these were the best of a bad bunch...

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    Had a bit of a shoe binge today...

    These military boots from Mr. Shoes (for autumn/winter)

    My mum bought me these two pairs of dolly shoes because she owes me money :p:

    And I bought a pair of dark blue jeggings and 3 bargainous bras from M&S (£5 down from £18, that'll do lovely)

    I also bought stationery and folders for University, and the new pink grapefruit face scrub from Neutrogena- it actually smells really nice!
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    bit of a pay day/ university splurge!

    new look:

    also 4 pairs of black leggings (they do packs of 2) and a pair of grey flats with chains round the ankles which i loove!

    - a candy love 'i :suith: ny' crop top

    - a white tee with poodle print
    - oversized grey top with 'athletic' print on it

    store twenty one
    - a pink fluffy cushion
    - a sheep cushion
    - a pink union jack storage box
    - a matching notebook
    - a matching lever arch file
    - 20 birthday cards for £2!

    - aussie shampoo and conditioner
    - soap
    - toothpase
    - a load of other boring essentials for uni!

    i think that's it!!
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    oh, ALSO:


    and a loooooad of books from amazon! just about to order some more too; hello skintness!
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    £82.50, was £165 and still is on the website.


    £48, was £150

    so £320 worth of boots for £130


    £25, down from £85.




    £200 in Hollister from:

    Its been a good week lets say.
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    (Original post by jeans whore)

    Its been a good week lets say.
    Nice taste :yep:
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    (Original post by Quail)
    Nice taste :yep:

    Thanks, its my birthday at the end of this month so more will be added to the collection!
    Im thinking of these;

    And maybe another if I decide on something I like, though these Tshirts should compliment the jeans/boots quite nicely
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    (Original post by jeans whore)
    Its been a good week lets say.
    I have that exact shirt from the ladies collection.:eek: Good teaste though.

    Edit: I meant to quote the link to the purple, red and blue checked shirt. Oops.
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    cropped grey joggers £8 ASDA
    oversized grey jumper dress which is ripped at the back-primark
    mink coloured knitted jumper- primark
    Denim coloured jumper dress with ruching in the shoulders -primark
    Now all I need is a scarf and gloves and I'm done!
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    Forget fashion, it's a

    Every day, all day. Max comfort
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    I don't normally shop in Topshop but was in the big London store and bought this (I thought it was a dress but turns out it's apparently a tunic) http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/st...8706&langId=-1
    It actually looks really nice on!

    Also bought a PJ set, grey short sleeved jumper with sequin detail on shoulders, cream leaopard print jumper (had shoulder pads but they made me look all square so have removed them!) and navy long sleeved jumper with scoop neck and sequin bow, all from Primark
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    woop shopping :woo:

    ^this is a much nicer colour IRL, lovely dark burgandy :love:

    im debating these lovelies, before the 15% code runs out.
    http://www.asos.com/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1220248 discount wont work on this one though, bloody allsaints!

    feel guilty about the amount of money ive spent on clothes recently though
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    I was in severe need of a new jacket!
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    Two headbands (one plaited leather from Topshop, one purple satin from Miss Selfridge), silk heart patterned scarf from Miss Selfridge and... now, I'm still not sure if you can link to specific pictures on the River Island website, but I bought some chocolate brown boots with a fake fur trim for £39.99 from there. I love them, so cosy :love:
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    Low heeled brown and cream aviator boots
    Tan laced flat sandals
    3 underwear sets for £27
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    2 black long sleeve Ts
    2 white long sleeve Ts
    Some underwear
    Various storage boxes
    Pillow Protectors
    A 32 inch HDTV!!

    Just moved into halls and am kitting the place out.
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    I was browsing ASOS yesterday to buy some flats because I only have one pair, but I ended up getting this, this (in red), this and this (in white), instead. :sigh:
    Can't wait for them to arrive, now! :woo:
    I still need to buy some flats, though. :teehee:
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    two tops from urban outfitters
    a waist coat and lace top from warehouse
    a plane cotton long sleeved top from mango

    Just look for some boots which aren't going to cost the earth
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