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    (Original post by Luceria)
    ^ See my updated post, haha.

    Nope. But they have a big "17 mai sending" on the telly each 17 Mai, which they start early in the morning. They broadcast from Oslo and loads of other cities. Those kids walk for like 3 hours, in my city it's 30-60 minutes. Last time I walked in the children's parade was when I was 18, though I could have walked in it when I was 19 as well. Yeah, the russetog was canceled in Oslo. Which must have sucked for the Russ.

    There is nothing like 17 Mai in other countries. Most have a really boring national day, like Sweden. It's a special day. Norwegians are hugely patriotic, but you feel even more patriotic when it's 17 Mai. Everyone wishing each other a "happy birthday" etc. Which is a little weird, lol.

    Voss? Interesting. I've seen men wear bunads. Though I do think women's bunads are prettier. The Hardanger bunad is definitely one of the prettiest bunads!
    Ah, I never watch TV unless it's a movie.

    England has Saint George's Day (who wasn't even English, haha). I couldn't even tell you when it is, but it's basically a time for drinking at the pub and for silly overly-PC people to say "OMG that's racist!" :rolleyes:

    Interesting? Men's bunader remind me too much of morris dancers from England, which is a (rather silly and embarassing) English tradition. They wear a similar kind of folk costume:

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    (Original post by Luceria)
    I've heard about that day. I've noticed that in England "patriotic" seems to mean something like "I VOTE BNP! "
    It's not like that here.

    That dancing video is the most brilliant video I've seen all day :awesome:. And it reminded me of the bagpipe man in Oxford. He plays the same song
    over and over and over again. As a tourist, I don't mind him. But if I lived in the area, then I'd be insane.

    There are a lot of different bunads though. Who can resist this? tehe.... Almost all the women wear bunads here, but more men definitely should. Though bunads are very expensive.
    Ugh, I hate Scottish bagpipes. And why on Earth would he play them in England of all places? I really like Swedish säckpipa, but they're not nearly as noisy and they actually don't sound like crap:

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    (Original post by Luceria)
    I've forgotten his name, but he's pretty famous in Oxford. And I do think a lot
    of people dislike him. Lol.

    That is actually a lot nicer. Reminds me a little of an instrument I've heard at the Viking festival.
    Even Scots only like highland bagpipes for patriotic reasons. They were originally intended for the battlefield, probably to drown out the sound of people dying (not good for morale), not for casual enjoyment.

    Which one? Apparently there was a Viking Age bone flute found (in York/Jorvik, I think) which people have hypothesised was actually a chanter, I think that's a little tenuous but it would be cool if it was true.

    (Original post by Luceria)
    Voss is cool. My mum's side of the family is from Hardanger, and I have her Hardanger bunad that she wore when she was 15. Bunads are often passed on like that.
    Cool. I had some family in Jondal, but they moved to Bergen a few years ago. That probably means that you're my cousin from 100 generations ago, haha, be afraid . . . very afraid .
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    Heath Richardson is his name. And he certainly thinks bagpipes are good for casual enjoyment. .. I don't know. But it looked a lot like that Swedish bagpipe. Now that I think about, they use several instruments I've never really seen before.

    Deary me, haha. Yes, I reckon there is a really huuuge possibility for that being the case.
    This guy?

    Those he's playing are the Great Highland type, I think. I can only play (poorly) the English Flute, so I'm not sure. Unless you saw him playing some different ones? Apparently he studied piping in Glasgow, which would also suggest they're noisyHighland style. Hmm, how did The Norwegian Society turn into The Bagpipes Society?
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    I've never heard of this before . Scandinavia's sailing nightclub is coming to my city. It's visiting harbours in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). Which I guess is obvious, lol.
    "After a very successful opening in Oslo, where over 4.000 attended our event, we are now ready for the 2nd stop on our route. We hope that you will welcome us and spread the word about us and invite your best friends to our event."

    I see my older brother is attending. Haha. Though it looks interesting. And I'm actually old enough. Which makes me feel old.
    How peculiar. A sailing nightclub.
    In my town, we have a ship that's been converted into nightclub (or had. It might be a restaurant now). It probably hasn't actually sailed for a long time now, but I don't find it that peculiar.

    As for Scots only liking bagpipes for patriotic reasons, as a semi-Scot I quite like them Not that I'd put bagpipe music on my iPod or anything, but they're nice to listen to. I don't really think it's a solo instrument -it doesn't induce headaches when it's played in a band:


    I think it's the long droning notes that start to make your ears bleed. You hardly notice them when the drums are playing.

    I also saw Voss mentioned further down. I know a guy there -he moved from Longyearbyen. Small world!
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    It's not that peculiar. Just a little strange. I don't mind bagpipes terribly either, highly depends.

    Has anyone in this thread seen Max Manus?
    Heh, if I'm in the thread I have! (actually, I have, independently of whether I'm in the thread or just randomly stalking it ) But I assume you were looking for British people (?), so keep looking
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    Has anyone in this thread seen Max Manus?
    I know who he was, but I didn't know there was a movie made about him.
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    There is. I usually don't like or watch Norwegian films. But I love Max Manus. It was highly popular when it was released. Second most viewed Norwegian film ever, I think.

    The last Norwegian film I saw was En Ganske Snill Mann, a couple of months ago, I thought it was good but I admittedly haven't seen that many. I do like Nordic cinema in general though, especially Icelandic. I'll (try to) remember to rent Max Manus next time I'm in Norway, probably sometime in June.
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    Hva skjeeeeeeeeeeeeera?
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    Hi every one!
    I have been in Norway last year and this year I am going to have a summer-job there again:-D I am so so happy that I will be able to breath a freshesh air in the one of the most beautiful country in the world
    I really love the way how the Norwegians live and I think you are the most friendly people in the Earth!
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    Skiing in Hemsedal this weekend :cool:
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    Is tingeling an actual word? I've heard kids saying the phrase and just assumed that I couldn't understand because of my bad Norwegian.

    (Original post by Luceria)
    I've heard about that film. Stellan Skarsgård, I think.. I haven't seen a lot of Nordic films either.
    They did release the DVD in the UK, but changed the title... "Max Manus- Man of War".. Rather silly.
    It's well worth watching, Stellan Skarsgård is one of my favourite actors. About a year ago there were tons of posters in Oslo advertising the film.
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    (Original post by Becca)
    Skiing in Hemsedal this weekend :cool:
    :mad: Not fair.
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    :awesome: Have a brilliant time!

    Yesterday I saw a person with ginger hair. It's so rare that I see people with ginger hair. In the UK I see them a lot, but in Norway there are very few redheads. So you stand out a lot. I love red hair, a lot more interesting than brown!

    There are also few very blonde people here. So none of that "all blonde and tall" stereotype. Well maybe the tall part is true. Average height for women is about 5''6 ( I'm 5'7) But not the blonde part.
    I have 3 friends with red hair!!
    And there are definitely more natural blondes in Norway than in the UK :yep:

    (Original post by Einheri)
    :mad: Not fair.
    It was plus 14 degrees today so was like skiing in slush...not great tbh! But all the slush built up into some fun jumps on the piste so that kind of made up for it. Hoping for more fun-ness tomorrow
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    (Original post by Becca)
    It was plus 14 degrees today so was like skiing in slush...not great tbh! But all the slush built up into some fun jumps on the piste so that kind of made up for it. Hoping for more fun-ness tomorrow
    Okay, I forgive you.

    (Original post by Luceria)
    Tingeling is "Tinker Bell" from Peter Pan. "Bagera" is obviously Bagheera from The Jungle Book. ( I guess most people, including myself. Misspell his name)

    Interesting. He's a great actor. And he has a hot son. Haha.
    He made the film Beowulf & Grendel, it would have been "meh" without him as King Hrothgar. And why the *%!@ does Beowulf always have to be Scottish?

    (Original post by Luceria)
    I love red hair, a lot more interesting than brown!
    Yes, I have to agree. :awesome:

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    Woah, how long has it taken to grow your hair that long?
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    (Original post by Becca)
    Woah, how long has it taken to grow your hair that long?
    About seven years (since I was 15), minus a few trims a year (which I probably needed in that photo) or it gets a little frizzy at the end.
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    No idea.

    Holy mother of Merlin! You could have played a Weasley
    Though I do hate when men have nicer hair than myself. I've always wanted red hair. Mine is shoulder length, and even I'm annoyed by that length.. Too much work! How you manage to have long hair is beyond me.

    My dad used to be a ginger, but my hair is alas, brown..
    :teehee: Here's a little secret:


    I naturally have dark auburn hair with blonde bits, probably 40% red, 40% dark brown, 20% blonde (this kind of colour: http://www.auburnhaircolor.com/wp-co...ge_thumb17.png , but with blonde bits and perhaps not quite so dark). The henna really brightens it up and gives it a fiery colour (especially the blonde), it's completely non-damaging to your hair as well. If you want red hair then I'd seriously recommend this. It can be annoying but it doesn't blow about as much as shoulder-length hair because it weighs more. I actually got the idea from reading about Harald Hårfagre who apparently grew his for ten years.

    Haha, when I opened that link I was expecting a picture of your dad - I was really confused for a second . It looks like you have a slight reddish tinge to your hair, I think henna would pick it up. Okay, NorSoc (has a nice ring to it, don't you think?) should now officially be moved to Fashion & Beauty :P .
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    Ooh, very interesting indeed! :awesome: I've heard about henna, hmm... I've never coloured my hair or anything. When you start, you can't stop. I just haven't
    been bothered. Though I think I would have made an excellent ginger.

    I've probably said this before. But when I was little, I used to call Harald Hårfagre for "Harald Hårfarge".. Yes, Harald Haircolour is a much better name, I reckon!
    There is a monument dedicated to Harald Hårfagre in my city. It's also a "supposed" burial site.
    The main shopping street here is also named after Harald Hårfagre.

    Lol. In the 70's, he used to have really long ginger hair. I was shocked when I saw the picture! Now it's brown. Slightly reddish tinge? Haha.. Actually, it does look a little coppery in the sunlight. The light in the picture is so bright it looks kind of different.

    Yes, maybe it should be moved . Or maybe it should be renamed "Luceria's thread". God knows I spam it. This thread and the Harry Potter thread.
    You can keep colouring it for a darker colour, but it pretty much stays the same colour as when you dye it.

    Harald Hårfarge, eh? Could be a good mascot for a Norwegian dye company. I remember you saying about a viking festival, but not the burial site (maybe you did, I can't remember).

    I'm (almost) as guilty. It's a good idea for a society - NO DYING ALLOWED! I was always more a Lord of the Rings fan, personally.
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    (Original post by Luceria)
    Hmm.. I have to think about this.... Yes. Excellent idea! All the important stuff happened at Avaldsnes, but I live very close. "Avaldsnes was an ancient centre of power on the west coast of Norway and is the site of one of Norway's more important areas of cultural history" (thanks Wikipedia).

    Harry Potter is ending :moon: .. I've grown up with Harry Potter. I was 10 when it all started, and I just turned 20 in February. It's half my life. I love Lord of the Rings, but I haven't read the books yet (silly me). I've never found the time. As I imagine I'd have to dedicate a year of my life to those books, especially since I'd read them in English. I tried reading Lord of the Rings when I was 11 in Norwegian, and thought it was "heavy". I gave up after page 36. Harry Potter is completely different though. I might have to start a support group with the user Ape Gone Insane. Post-Potter Depression ought to be taken seriously!

    My ideal weekend? Lord of the Rings extended versions marathon :awesome: . I did that once with a couple of friends. It was excellent! "Concerning Hobbits" is also one of the few songs I can play on the piano. Talking about Lord of the Rings... The Hobbit! A book I must read. I'm excited about the films, even though they seem pretty cursed. A tiny bit annoyed I'll never be an elf extra. I'm too short (5'7), and I don't live in NZ. Haha. Lucky Kiwis.
    Looks awesome. I wonder how much the longhouse (langhus in Norwegian?) cost to build *wants one* .

    The Hobbit is not nearly as 'heavy' as LotR, it's one of my favourite books and very entertaining (although Tolkien should never have attempted writing songs *facepalm*). But, if I can struggle through Sult then you can manage The Lord of the Rings . You should definitely start with The Hobbit first though, even if just for chronological reasons. Me and some friends have been wanting to do an Extended Ed. marathon for the past three years, I don't know if it'll ever happen - everyone keeps putting it off and we'll have graduated in a couple of months. :mad:

    HP came out when I was 11 or 12, I can't remember which. We had the first one read to us in English class, I enjoyed it but was totally absorbed by Tolkien, the sagas and Beowulf at the time (still am, haha) and so never really got into it.


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