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Difference between porn and sex in real life

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    In terms of how you/they do it

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    They do it sexily, we do it intimately?
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    Don't jizz in their face.
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    A guy's dick can break in real life if he tries too many things he watches in a porno.
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    Not all girls like in in their bum
    Not all girls love being sprayed over the face
    Not all girls can handle a 11 inch penis, and not all guys have one
    Real life girls have normal looking boobs
    Real life guys don't all look like old weird men

    Real life girls don't scream like they do in porn.. in my life.. they scream more:gangster:
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    Not all 40 + women are cougars...
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    Women in real-life can't take it anything like women in porn can.
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    you can't fast forward the foreplay in real life
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    In real life, if a man comes to fix your plumbing, he probably has genuinely come to fix your plumbing.
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    (Original post by gingerrama)
    In real life, if I man comes to fix your plumbing, he proabably has genuinely come to fix your plumbing.
    Even if your husband is out of town on business?:rolleyes:
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    Generally the girl won't taking off her skin tight jeans by bending over, grabbing her ankles, and shaking her ass around
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    (Original post by Radant)
    Don't jizz in their face.
    or ear.

    Real sex is, or should be, more intimate because it's supposed to be between two people who care for/love each other.

    Also, unless you've been with your partner a long time/are very experience, real sex is going to be a bit more "fumbly" whilst you get used to each other's bodies/try out new things.
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    The only real difference is that the girl doesn't play up to the camera, trying to do sex faces. Apart from that.. well, sex is sex, its pretty similar
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    There's no camera crew watching you when you do it.
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    In porn, fat and ugly guys are constantly screwing women.

    IRL, fat and ugly guys are constantly asking TSR if they'll ever screw women.
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    (Original post by siwelmail)
    or ear.
    Once you go black, you go deaf!
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    (Original post by gingerrama)
    In real life, if a man comes to fix your plumbing, he probably has genuinely come to fix your plumbing.
    also he is probably fat and of questionable personal hygiene
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Updated: July 2, 2011
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