as12 Reply letter?

    does anyone have any idea when UCAS send your As12 letter to confirm your place at Leeds Met?

    I made Leeds Met my Firm choice and Confirmed by place with them around 2 months ago now.

    Just wondering when we receive the letters so I can sort my bank account out.

    sorry i just noticed this question, if u havent sorted it. You actually need to log into leeds met, you can then download letter from there. They dont send out letters

    what letter is it?

    i thought it was UCAS that send the as12 letters not the actual Uni.

    please see

    yes i have logged on to this, but I dont understand what I need to print off in order to apply for my student bank account.

    i got a letter from ucas ages ago saying I needed to confirm my place with the site you just posted which i did,

    when logged on under important information

    there is a link says Registration Letter

    print letter out for ur student account

    okay thank you.

    just so i know because I did my bank account application online so they will most likely ask me for it.

    thanks again for all your help

    no probs, it was fine for me at halifax, by the way course u doing?

    im doing Computing

    snap see u on the course then

    Thanks for the help, although it probably will not matter, as I dont have the best credit score.. I have been rejected by 3 Banks already..

    All i missed was 1 or 2 Catalogue and Phone Payments and now I am been rejected for student bank accounts!

    Snap again. Dont worry about just get a cash account. The Banks only want perfect scores. The only problem will be maybe lack of overdraft. But if u want my opinion they better to try and live without.


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: April 16, 2012

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