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Reassurance... Anybody?... anybody at all?

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    I am so worried right now. It's less than a month for my IGCSE exams. I am exploding from the amount of pressure there is right now.

    I am aiming for at least 7A* with i wouldn't mind dropping into a B or A for islamiyat and art. My Art exam is in 2 weeks time and i havent done enough to even match up to a C. I am about to throw up right now.

    In the mocks i ended up with an A* in 1st lang english and foreign lang arabic. AAA(islamiyat, Art and maths) BBB(Business, Bio,Chemi... my fav subjects! ) and a C in Physics (i messed up my multiple choice papers by shading the consecutive circle things , bummer , i know, ... i should actually be getting around a high B). Do you think i can make it in 3 weeks time. I am worried sick right now. We have crap teachers and i have no support.

    I just wanted to know if any ex students would see this as possible.
    Please answer, I can't stop crying from worry. Sorry, if this sounds too much like a diary entry!
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    Sure you can do it, I'm in the same boat but at degree level so feeling the strain.

    I relaxed for Easter for my GCSE's, only revised the night before and did fine so don't worry, just do your best and try and get your head down every now and again
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    I have my Islamiyat and Biology igcses exams in a few weeks too, how did you prepare for them?
    Also, you will be fine when you do them just breathe I took my arabic 2nd lang 2 years isn't hard, if you do loaaads of practice papers, as questions are very similar. Anyways I hope this isn't too late.
    I hope all your exams go greaaaat.


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