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similarities and differences between the aeneid and the odyssey?

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    I'd say the main similarity is the fact that both are travelling from Troy to a homeland, and the main difference would be the structure - the Aeneid is written in poetry and the Odyssey in prose.

    What would everyone else say are the main similarities and differences between the two? help needed!!
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    The Odyssey is a poem. I hate to break it to you.

    The stories are similar. The Odyssey is much longer and dragged out. The Aeneid is fairly concise - there is less fighting and more variation in what is written (most of Virgil's poems were about farming.)

    Obviously comment about the fact that the Aeneid was written later and draws heavily upon the style and content of the Odyssey - a great poem in the eyes of the Romans.

    Should get you started...
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    (Original post by xlucyx)
    I'd say the main similarity is the fact that both are travelling from Troy to a homeland, and the main difference would be the structure - the Aeneid is written in poetry and the Odyssey in prose.

    What would everyone else say are the main similarities and differences between the two? help needed!!
    Both contain the prescence of a tragic hero and mythology etc.
    The Odyssey was originally a poem that has been reconfigured into a prose format by editors. You should try to find a version of the poem online as it might help your studies.

    They're both about Troy Aeniad during Troy and the Odyssey about the aftermath of Troy

    Thought you might find this interesting.

    Homer is believed by many acedemics to be a collection of many authors working under the same pen name. It is a name attributed to the creator of the Illiad and Odyssey by literary critics because the author of the poems is unknown.
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    aeneid seems to involve greater characterisation of and focus on individuals.

    it might also be possible to talk about endings; whilst the odyssey's one is of resolution and finality, there's something about the aeneid ending (although splendid in my opinion) which implies that there is more to be done.

    odyssey is more domestic; whilst there are obviously themes of family and the like the aeneid, it is, in entirety, something quite epic. not to say that the odyssey isn't, but it seems that the voyage of odysseus is at least contextualised with family life and a homeland which has already been established waiting for him. aeneas is homeless to some extent throughout the majority of the poem; that's why things go somewhat pear-shaped with dido.
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    also, big up the watford crew. which school are u at?
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    There are, of course, quite a few parrallel stories in the Odyssey and the Aeneid... Like the story of the Cyclopse, for example. A lot of "The Wanderings" is blatant Odyssey homage.

    A few more general comparisions are:
    - the importance of fate and destiny [the Aeneid is driven by fate, but the Odyssey has only the occasional reference]
    - the portrayal of women [women in the Odyssey are very pro-active, and Penelope remains a model wife... But Dido breaks her tie to her desceased husband, and Aeneas' bride-to-be in Italy doesn't say a word]
    - the portrayal of the gods [consider how more involved the gods are in the Aeneid]
    - ideals of heroism [Odysseus is a trickster, Homeric heroes have a tendancy to be gung-ho, but Aeneas, as he matures, becomes more diplomatic]
    - the father/son relationship....

    ...and well, there are tonnes! :-)
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    (Original post by silence)
    also, big up the watford crew. which school are u at?
    she's at watford grammar school for girls. like me

    i really want this essay question in my A2 exam next week!
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    1) history-
    aeneid written after the oddyssey, virgil wanted to write an epic poem that contained all the good aspects of both the Iliad and the Odyssey whilst adding extra stuff.... "I sing of arms (Iliad) and of the man (odyssey)".
    2) plots-
    Both odysseus and Aeneas fought at troy and both are on their way to their homeland (Ithaca and Italy) although Aeneas has never been there.
    3) Gods-
    Gods are far more envoloved in my opinion in the Aeneid, (note that the actions of Venus in the aeneid are almost identical to Athene in the odyssey, she helps aeneas and even helps to make him invisible by covering him in fog...hmmm thats been done before... some of the gods are against eachother a lot like the iliad, juno and cupid also get involoved.
    4) fate plays a massive role in the aeneid and crops up occasionally in the odyssey, jupiter (zeus) is always makin prophesies and the gods (e.g hermes) keeps telling aeneas to get off his ass cus his fate is to found an empire in italy (....Rome).
    5) They both have a good shag on their journeys...(dido and circe/calypso), but clearly oddyseus hated this cus e loved penelope
    6) both characters mature in the books, aeneas is described as rushing to fight at troy and oddyseus is a right cocky idiot int he case of the cyclops and the syrens... but they get there in the end, some faster than others (aeneas!)... oh and they are both great warriors.

    i think most of the other points are mentioned...i know the q was posted agea ago but who knows, someone may need this info in later years and find this page... peace out
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    Thank you!


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