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Ancient History alevel takers HELP!!

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    I want to take ancient history a level but I do not know what you cover. I know it is mostly about the Greeks and Romans but do you cover people like Alexander the great?
    Any help will do
    Thank you
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    I take AS Ancient History at my sixth form. We cover
    Unit 1:
    Athenian Democracy
    It consists of how Democracy was actually invented through different leaders and tyrannies etc. We did Solon, Cleisthenes, Pisistratus, Pericles and Ephilates, Cleon...I think that's all of them xD

    Unit 2:
    I've just sat the exam in this so it's a lot fresher in my mind xD We covered Athenian imperialism which consists of the Delian league and how Athens treated it's allies within the league, how it turned into an Empire, how Athens enforced control on other 'allies'. Also how the empire fell, under Sparta and Persia.

    We also studied Speeches/debated which went on through out the period, and inscriptions, or Decrees which inflicted specific rules on allies which had revolted.

    I'm not sure if the topics depend on which college/sixth form you go to? But that's what we cover at my Sixth Form College, which is in King Edward the Sixth in Nuneaton C:

    I found it a little slow to start off with...I mean learning about Unit 1 was a little hard to get into but Unit 2 is much more easier you learn about the wars etc. I found I had to do a lot of revision, it's not one to be underestimated. C: I hoped this helped you somehow...

    A2 Is about the Romans C:
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    That is really helpful thank you. I am doing politics as well so it should be a good mix.as long as history is not too hard haha

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Updated: May 25, 2012
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