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DofE Bronze Volunteering

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    Hi, I'm currently doing Bronze DofE (Duke of Edinburgh's Award) and all that I have left to find is my volunteering! I know that I could do volunteering in a local charity shop but I'm already volunteering at one for something else and I feel like doing something different to that. I live in London, I'm 15 and I'm up for doing anything (bar shovelling excessive amounts of poo!). I've also tried most of the head offices of major charities but they've all said that you need to be 16 & over to volunteer there :unimpressed:

    (Specific companies to contact/opportunities would be greatly appreciated but any general answers would be great as well!)

    Thanks in advance :banana2:
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    I think I volunteered in a charity shop for Bronze.. or could have been old people's home. Actually no that was later on. Ah i remember now, is there any sort of anti-bullying or peer support scheme in school you can get involved in? Or supervising in school discos?
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    Nope I don't think so 'cause my school has qualified people to come in to our school and they have a whole department for it so its unlikely that I could do something for like that. And we don't have school discos! But thanks anyway
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    I volunteered in a hospital Cafe for a charity called "The League of Friends". Just simple tasks like cleaning tables and restocking the drinks fridge.

    I've just got the sports section to do now. I'm not really a sporty person so it will be hard to find something for that.
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    Have you tried local youth groups? Maybe Beavers, Cubs or Brownies. They'll usually be happy to accept young people for a few weeks to help out.

    Another method could be through groups such as Lions International. If your local area has a lions club write to their president asking if you can help out at a few local events. Chances are they'll say yes (And Lions usually are really nice people)


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