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A question about course choices?

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    So, I'm thinking of doing natural sciences, but not all universities offer the course and I can't find it on the ucas subject finder. Since I can only write one personal statement, would it be okay to write about one aspect of natural science I'm interested in (eg. neuroscience) and still submit that to the few universities that offer natural science?

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    Go through these guidelines: They're helpful
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    Natural Sciences courses are designed for those with broad interests in many areas of science. Talking about one area as specific as neuroscience will look bad because the requirement is for you to show interest across a broad range of sciences, eg. both biology and chemistry related topics. I'm not saying ignore neuroscience - if it is an area that interests you do talk about it, but don't neglect to talk about what else interests you about sciences that has inspired you to take natural sciences above neuroscience or chemistry/biology.
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    Also consider how the courses at different universities are different. or example, Durham lets you pick individual modules from about 7 different science subjects but some universities make you simply pick two from a selection of about 4 and just do a joint honours in those subjects. The structure of these courses varies drastically.
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    I see. So I guess that means that the only choice I have is to apply only to universities that have natural science, right?

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