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    Hey all,

    I have been up and down this past AS year, and I've ended up having a series of mini "britneys" as I like to call them. Periods of time where everything just seems way, way too much and I cannot cope with the pressure so end up crying for ages and never seeming to get much done.

    I've had objectives throughout the year and I have had a clear sight in my mind that I wanted to do Spanish and English at university, that was until my mock result came through in early March and I got an E. Since, my motivation has totally gone down hill and now I've got NO idea of what I want to do when I leave sixth form, as well as a mountain of work behind me. Here's what's on MY plate at the moment:
    (I've got a week left of Easter break.)
    -AS Spanish: One letter/essay and exam revision, obviously.
    -AS Sociology: Essay, revision (heaps...)
    -AS English: 4 essays, and revision (Fairly confident with English.)
    -EPQ: I've got a half a voiceover and a documentary to make for the end of May on top of all of the above.

    -8 hour part time job - It doesn't sound like much, but when you come home from a full day and revise and you get to the weekend, the last thing you feel like doing is going to work when you could be relaxing and revising.
    -Fitness commitments - Martial arts training twice a week and Sunday morning - I'm in the national team so there's a lot of effort and time (mentally and physically there...)

    This is me sort of just sending out a message in hope that one of you kind souls will reassure me everything will be okay because no one else is doing so. I need someone to throw me a life ring lol... also, how many of you feel in the same boat as me when I say that there's no clear direction of where you want to go and you don't really know how to get there? Or, you have an idea of where to go but again, you don't know how to get there?

    I'd really appreciate it if people could get back to me on this one... This is a LOT different to how my motivations and confidence were for GCSE last year and I really hate feeling this way.


    Hey I understand what it's like to be in your position to an extent - in my first year of college I lost track of what to do with my future (I had wanted to do Law but my results in AS class were not proving out to be great) and let work pile up on me as well as revision. However this time around I've taken things a lot more seriously.

    I assume you're looking for some advice as well?

    - Stop viewing all of your work at once - stop looking at how much in total you must do, it will only overwhelm you. Simply focus each day on something you can do for one subject and take it one day at a time - do not look at the grand scheme of things in this situation.
    - Learn from your mock result; people always feel disheartened when they get a bad result, but it's important to understand why we went wrong and what we can learn from it.
    - Start doing something noww, worrying won't resolve anything you need to make some kind of action and just do SOMETHIGN even if it seems absolutely tiny; just promise yourself to do 30 minutes of revision (which is nothing) and once you've started you'll find it easier to carry on.

    Also realise sometimes we might have to ignore other commitments to focus on such things, but that's all down to your choice
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Updated: April 1, 2016
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