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Bekahh's Summer Bucket List

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Well, I guess this is my list, hope you enjoy checking it out

    1) Go to prom and have the best time ever
    2) Go on at least 5 hikes/walks
    3) Go to Truck Festival in Oxfordshire
    4) Make lots of new friends
    5) Get my summer homework done for college next year
    6) Tidy my bedroom, because it's like the messiest thing ever
    7) Go exploring, anywhere
    8) Visit the beach in Spain
    9) Have a picnic in the park with friends
    10) Play Basketball at the park with my little sister
    11) See Kodaline live
    12) Go sightseeing in London
    13) Do a fun day out with just £5 spending money
    14) Go camping
    15) Movie marathon with friends
    16) Create and capture video clips and pictures to create a video about my trip to Spain
    and finally....
    17) have the best summer ever!!
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    1) Go to Prom [done]

    Prom was absolutely incredible, after having spent 5 years with some amazing people in secondary school it's really strange to be leaving. There was a lot of well dressed people, lots of dancing, lots of aching feet and a ton of photos being taken at Prom 2016, and it was honestly such a great night!!

    Here are some of my favourite photos from Prom

    Name:  jade.jpg
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    After prom we all went to a mates house and had a very good party, gcse's were over, it was well deserved. After a few drinks and lots of singing and dancing in the back garden we all fell asleep in the living room, it was a bit of a squish. Some of us didn't sleep at all that night and we ended up going to the park down the road at 4 o clock in the morning to watch the sunrise.

    Even if I was tired and sore, Prom was amazing and it was so great to spend quality time with an amazing bunch of people!!
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    visit the beach is gonna be fun
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    (Original post by shawn_o1)
    visit the beach is gonna be fun
    I'm stoked to be visiting the beach, 2 weeks in Spain will be a great way to de-stress and celebrate the end of exams!!

    Wow I love your pictures!seems like you had a good time !
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    3) Go to Truck Festival

    I have just come back from one of the best weekends ever! Truck Festival 2016 was an absolute blast, I saw so many incredible bands including Catfish & The Bottlemen, Circa Waves, Moose Blood, Neck deep, We're No Heroes, Eliza & The Bear and another I will talk about in my next post.

    We left for Truck Festival on Friday morning, the car was packed full of stuff and we were excited as ever. After finally arriving at the site, it was a long and tiring walk with all of our stuff up to the ticket entrance and campsite. It took us a while to find a good spot to camp, but once we did we set up the tent, had some lunch and got straight into having a wander round and seeing some musicians.

    Friday night we saw Eliza and the Bear who filled the tent with energy as everyone jumped and sang along to every word, we also saw Moose Blood and Neck Deep who rocked The Nest stage as people started mosh pits and crowd surfing. As soon as Neck Deep finished we quickly got a bite to eat and then made our way to the main stage where we witnessed Catfish & The Bottlemen light up the entire field. Sadly we couldn't get very close to the front because it was packed, but we enjoyed the performance all the same. It took a while for me to finally get to sleep, people were still up to the early hours of the morning.

    Saturday was a more relaxing day, we spent most of the time just lying on the grass and relaxing to the music playing from the different tents. In the evening we went to sit in the main arena and watch Ratboy. After Ratboy, we went into the main crowd and waited for Circa waves. Circa Waves were so incredible, everyone was jumping and singing, although i was almost crushed a couple of times.

    Sunday came along very quickly, we had to pack up the tent and all of our stuff and then lug it over to the car. We then bought some iced smoothies and found some shade so we could relax for a while. At around 5pm we grabbed some dinner and then made our way to the main stage to watch Blossoms, Jack Savoretti and Everything everything. We then had a 45 minute wait until my favourite band came on and absolutely killed it on the main stage.

    Read my next post to find out about the Sunday headline act.
    Name:  truck festival 014.jpg
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