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Brexiteers: even in victory they can't get the figures straight

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    (Original post by Casserole)
    Bremain said we'd be safer in the EU.

    A month after the ref, we've had 5 terrorist attacks in Mainland Europe from those of Middle Eastern background.

    Once again, Bremain lied.
    Look, I get the feeling that everybody on here is quite young, so all of your IQs are rather low. So I need to explain this all slowly to all of you:

    Think about safety. What do we gain from being in the EU vis-a-vis safety?

    Well, if we are attacked, then the rest of the continent will rescue us. Also, it's a mafia-type threat where if we stick with them then we won't be against them (Germany specifically) potentially.

    Who the hell is going to attack the UK? It's a nuclear-armed island. We haven't been attacked on land since the days of the bloody Roman EMPIRE. It's kinda hard to attack an island when in order to get to that island you need to be in a giant wooden or metal ship for at least some significant length of time when anybody can surround you and fire at you. There's no element of surprise there or defense.

    Also, from where will we be attacked? Germany? Unlikely, it took a hell of an economic depression to make them go Nazi the last time, I doubt they'll be interested in another world war, especially what with nukes. So it'll only be a country like Russia. And Russia will not attack the UK first, it will go through the eastern corridor, and take out the easy targets of Poland, Ukraine, and ex-Chezcoslovakia first. So we'll get plenty of warning, and again, will be in a position where we will need to help the EU and not vice-versa. Since we'll still be able to do that outside of the EU, and will, there's nothing to be gained safety-wise.

    So basically, our safety is under no question. The only question is that of a nuclear war, and believe me, under that scenario being a part of the EU will be the very last of our concerns.

    PS Everybody on here - don't be a pussy. Safety? Live a little. We're already over-populated, getting rid of the weakest nations wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, and you all know it.
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Updated: July 29, 2016
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