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Recent graduate thinking about life in general. Need advice

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    I recently graduated from university with a first class honours degree and I decided to treat myself by going abroad this summer - which I did.

    I returned back from holiday two weeks ago and realized that most of the top IT companies and IT grad roles from such companies have all been taken and full up. I somewhat regret this but at the same time I feel the holiday made me a better person who now does not worry as much and does not have much depression.

    The thing is, all my uni friends have ignored me just like that and now I have no friends whatsoever. I help my parents run their business and I feel embarrassed. All I hear is negativity from my parents and their friends about how when they were my age they worked hard and what not. It is all true but I don't want to work somewhere where I am underpaid or somewhere where I can't progress in life. My holiday taught me that life is definitively too short.

    Now that I have no friends, no job and no real support (like a mentor or someone who can guide me) - I feel that I have wasted my life. Uni was a real waste, I got a degree by having a lack of a social life and I never really learnt much.

    What to do

    Get any job whilst you look for something concrete

    first of all, embrace the fact that this is just a rough patch, life goes up n down this wont last forever. simply understanding that is the first step to going back up. i think ur on point about life being too short. im sure ur parents care about u but ur always gonna hav people who disagree w/ u. u r not them. i kno what its like to be criticised by parents for things like not having a crappy minimum wage job. jus how it goes.

    ppl who ignore u were never ur friends so toss that label away now. get a hobby fam. join a club, get active. meet some ppl innit. as for 'the next step' in ur position i wld concern myself about getting any kind of relevant work. if u cant get a job for the top it companies...ok...what about the middle it companies? or even the bottom? even working in pc world or some discount computer scrap shop. just anything thats remotely relevant so u hav something to do that can maybe count towards experience in the field (even if only vaguely) do som volunteering helping ppl learn computers. u never no what opportunities can arise. ur degree probably wasnt worthless, it jus not ur time fam, u got a work a little more. not everyone gets to jus 'start at the top'. u gotta grind my man.

    hope anything i sed was helpful.
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Updated: September 6, 2016
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