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'close knit' unis (opinions)

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    Is the university experience likely to differ in a close knit uni where everything is on campus or very close (such as swansea) as opposed to a university where everything is spread out (manchester)?

    I would imagine the social side may be better, I'm in a rush so tell me of close knit uni experiences.
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    manchester is a close knit uni
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    Of course the experience will be very different. Only you know what suits you best.
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    UCL is not close knit at all, its hard to imagine London unis being so to be honest
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    (Original post by junglegirl)
    manchester is a close knit uni
    manchester campus is spread out over (literally) miles. lmao
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    (Original post by Barry Chuckle)
    manchester campus is spread out over (literally) miles. lmao
    i know, i felt like saying manchester for the fun of it, ive never even been lol
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    I think you'd definitely describe Aston as close knit. There's only around 7000 students here and everything is on one small campus which takes you about 5 minutes to walk from one side to the other!

    I think you'd have different experiences at a 'close knit' uni to a bigger one. Like at Aston more often than not whilst walking across campus you'll meet at least 1/2 people that you know and you'll see the same people around even if you don't know them. I think it's nice because you don't feel like you're just another face in a huge sea of students. At a bigger, more spread out uni I think you'd have the opportunity to meet far more people but you'd probably see less of them just wandering around uni, if you see what I mean.


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