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What game are you currently playing?

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    (Original post by Miss Trololol)
    Started playing Battlefield 3 more. I don't rage quit nearly as much as I did with MW2.
    There aren't as many situations when you feel 'robbed' in BF Every time you die in CoD there's usually something you can blame which makes it frustrating
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    Skyrim on xbox 360, it's too addictive
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    (Original post by It.)
    DayZ mod for ARMA2, it's a zombie survival mod. Fantastic, and still only in alpha.
    Too addicted to this right now. Haven't played a game in a long time but this blew me away.
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    Minecraft playing with mods

    currently got the wizard craft mod for magic staffs and the pokemobs mod for pokemon to battle

    i have a squirtle charmander and bulbasaur in mine craft ><
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    Diablo III... Just beat the game on normal difficulty about an hour ago... 3 more difficulties to go through! and a few other classes to finish the game with as well, in various difficulties... hot damn
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    I play a lot of Outer Empires - It's an online space MMORPG currently for PC (is going to expand onto mobile browsers) that is currently in a beta period, it's free to sign up, well worth a try if you like that sort of thing - use referrer Id 851190 if you want to give it a go
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    Replaying Dragon Age 2 on PS3
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    Black Op's on PS3, recently wiped my memory on multiplayer to go onto prestiege mode on level 38 now i think after about 10days
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    (Original post by It.)
    DayZ mod for ARMA2, it's a zombie survival mod. Fantastic, and still only in alpha.
    Sounds a bit indie
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    Crusader Kings 2. A strategy game which actually requires strategy. :drool:
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    temple run.
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    molten-wow 6.1k shadow priest gladiator.
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    (Original post by manchesterunited15)
    temple run.
    haha me too XD I cant stop playing it :lol:
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    iPad - NBA Jam/FM12

    XBOX - MLB, Madden 12
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    Just finished Ninja Gaiden Black on hard mode, boom.
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    Pokémon White and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.
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    PS3 - Uncharted 3

    PC - Skyrim
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    LoL (at times)
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    Xbox - Battlefield 3 (still)

    PC - Skyrim (So many mods, so little time)


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