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Which sixth form should i choose?

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    I was just wondering which sixth form I should choose. The sixth form of my current school or another school (halifax grammer which specialises in the subjects which I wish to take maths and sciences). I feel that north halifax grammer would be a better sixth form however it would take a while to settle in and my current school has been rebuilt recently.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hey there :3
    I had the choice between moving to a really good college or staying at my sixth form, and I chose to stay and will never regret it. I know people who went to the college who ended up dropping out. Change isn't always good! If you feel comfortable where you are and think you can do well, it might be best to stay where you are! Hope it helps
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    I think it depends on the circumstances. So the new school may be good for your subjects, but you are gonna have to settle in amongst people who have known each other for years; i think you should strongly consider staying where you are so you can focus on your studies without the stresses of trying to fit in at a new school. Plus you already know what your subject teachers are like at your current school!
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    Definately Definately stay at your own school. i moved to a grammer school, thinking it would be better for me, but no 6 months in and i still havent properl gotten to grips on the speed and work load. am failing badly
    Stay, you wont regret it
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    It really does depend. I left my school that was in an area where I never really fit in with people who were into completely different interests and things. I hated everyone there at my school and couldn't wait to get out. I moved to a sixth form within a college and it's the best decision I have ever made. The teachers care more, the people are nicer... someone said above that it would be hard to fit into groups who have known each other for years but that never stopped me and the loads of other people who were new. Sure the work load is tougher than the kids are getting back at my old school but nearly all of them failed their AS year and have had to either retake or drop out and go to college. It really depends but don't cancel out the idea of moving straight away.
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    Depends on you and the schools in question

    If your school provides excellent teaching in the subjects you want to do then there is no real need to move

    I would not let the idea of moving put you off if the teaching at the new school is better ... people usually settle quickly
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    I'm going to stay at my current school and sixth form as I know the school structure, teachers, students etc and I am happy with the teaching. Thanks for all your help.
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    I'm at NHGS and absolutley love it, everyone's so welcoming and ist's like a little family (: Just saying (:


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