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The guy I have a huge crush on is in a room 2 feet away from me...what should I do?

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    (Original post by ak137)

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    Its obvious... Shoot an arrow to his knee so he's immobile, then pounce on him in the night. Problem solved :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Salmaa!)
    how much does a polar bear weigh? :ahee:
    I'm embarrassed for you if you ever had to suffer that in a bar or something.
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    (Original post by Dirac Delta Function)
    I'm embarrassed for you if you ever had to suffer that in a bar or something.
    Nah, worst I've had is, "is your dad a baker? cos you've got some nice buns"

    think i almost committed that day
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    Be polite, say hello!
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    (Original post by Can't Touch This.)
    He and his friend are in my girl-friend's room. I'm incredibly shy. I'm completely scared to leave my room.

    Why I'm getting neg rep? Are you negging me simply because I have two red bars ?
    Don't worry about him laughing at you or anything like that, the slightest hint that you're interested in him will make his day, it makes any guys day. If you're decent looking, he's probably going to be just as shy. Some young men can act like they're the alpha male, but the moment a beautiful girl walks in the room, they'll chicken out and feel like escaping because of how stunning the girl is.
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    Let him there's something broken in your room and only a big strong man like himself can fix it
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    Bake a fresh batch o' cookies. Get a fan. Blow the fumes of the delicious, just made, cookies in the direction of his room. He'll be sure to come over and partake in some fine conversation with you whilst consuming your scrumptious cookies.
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    (Original post by thegodofgod)
    OP said girl-friend, i.e. a friend who happens to be a girl, not girlfriend, i.e. someone whom she is seeing
    Way to point out the obvious...
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    just get in that room instead of thinking and situation will tell you what to do!
    less plans more actions!
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    (Original post by R4INBOW)
    Its obvious... Shoot an arrow to his knee so he's immobile, then pounce on him in the night. Problem solved :rolleyes:
    Yay for Skyrim references 5 months after everyone else. :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Billton)
    Ask them if they want to play Monopoly... always a crowd pleaser
    u mean twister
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    (Original post by Piko_Piko)
    Seeing as you're too shy to make a move/tell him that you like him etc. there's only one way forward: When he's out one day, drill a small hole in the wall and perv on him whenever you like.
    Alternatively,drill a larger glory hole.
    With the ultimate goal being that he will drill her hole
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    (Original post by Memo100)
    Let him there's something broken in your room and only a big strong man like himself can fix it
    Haha, but wouldn't that involve her actually breaking something she owns?
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    stand six inches away from him and run your left index finger across your top lip whilst stroking your right eyebrow with your right index finger...the language of lurve
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    Due to your lack of response, I'm assuming you're partaking in sexual relations with this boy
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    like go in there look at him for a few seconds give a horny smille.. and capiche
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    hope tomorrow morning she will not open a new topic: 'can you recommend the best regular anti pregnancy pill?'
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    If you cant say the words just write a quick note and pass it to him.
  20. Offline

    i love paris in the rain


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Updated: September 6, 2012
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