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Help choosing between Classics and Economics as A Level options?!

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    Hello, I had decided a few months ago that for my A level options I would choose English Literature, History, Philosophy and Ethics and Classics, In order to study English at University. However some people have said that having a breadth of subjects helps demonstrate your other skills to Universities and I looked into Economics. As Classics and Economics are the only 2 I do not currently study I am choosing between them and was wondering if anybody could give their opinion?:confused:
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    if by classics you mean latin, go for that. if you mean classical civilisation, i dont think it makes any difference--whichever you prefer!
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    Hey! Well I've been studying Classical Civilization for 4 years now & it is a very well considered A Level to have as well as Economics. Looking at the subjects you are choosing to take, taking Classics adds to the variety- which Unis are looking for! I don't do Economics, but I do Business Studies, which is simliar. Personally Classics is more interesting to study compared with Economics, but of course it's up to you Research properly into your subjects!
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    you must specify with classics as latin, or else it means greek too

    This probably won't help, but i'm doing both latin and economics

    they're both great, but economics would be for the more realistic amongst people, whereas latin for if you want a deeper understanding of languages. I think you can get more background and understanding for english and loads of other modern foreign languages from latin than you can by actually studying the language itself


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