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How long before a holiday do you pack?

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    I used to pack a week in advance, then the day before and this year I'm guessing that we'll be leaving at about 10am... so I'll start packing at 9.
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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    I imagine a yellow case I good as it's easy to spot at luggare reclaim? ours are all black, so we painted a few spots onto them. It may look a bit cheap and tacky, but at least we can spot them. It kinda failed the first time though as we had only put spots on the biggest sides and the way it was placed on the track with others really close buy, we could barely see the sides with spots. So we painted the other sides after that.

    I've put as many outfits together with as few clothes as possible. That way I can wear the same things more than once (unless they get stained) but with different tops/bottoms. if i have a shower before tea then I'll be clean when I wear my evening wear, so i can get away with those for a couple of nights. Plus during the day I won't have my t-shirt on much, so i can wear day time t-shirts a couple of times to.

    Plus, I'm only taking 4 pairs of shoes! Each pair goes with at least 3 outfits. And every outfit has at least one pair of shoes that coordinate.
    When I went to New York with the school, my parents got me two bright luggage straps (one neon pink, one neon orange) and whilst everyone else was fighting over whose luggage was whose (almost everyone took black cases), I strolled over to my suitcase, picked it up and sat there laughing at everyone else :laugh:

    It didn't help much when we went to Madrid though. We spent about half an hour waiting at the baggage carousel before realizing that a family had been asked to leave the plane before we left, and the suitcases going round and round the baggage carousel were theirs, whereas ours were back at Heathrow thankfully the airline sorted it, we went out exploring Madrid and by the time we got to the hotel they were there
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    I write out a list about a week before and do the actual packing about 2-3 days in advance, incase my case is too heavy or a forget something.
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    If it's a trip less than 3 days, the night before.
    If it's a trip between 3-14 days, about 3 days before.
    If it's a trip between 14 days-2 months, about 1 week before.
    Longer than 2 months, usually I start packing 2 weeks before I leave, to be able to re-pack and add/remove stuff etc.


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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