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Where are the PGCE students that AREN'T struggling?

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    The general opinion about a PGCE is:
    - It's very hard/stressfull
    - they induce mental health issues
    - they make people want to quit teaching altogether

    among other things.

    Surely there must be people out there who aren't struggling? Where are they? Why aren't they struggling?

    It's certainly not easy but I would say that I am not struggling as such. There is a lot of work to do but if you manage your time well and are efficient in free lessons/free time it's so much easier to manage. It's not supposed to be easy but it can be made a lot more manageable by how the trainee deals with the workload. Some things can make it more of a struggle and may be out of the hands of the trainee such as a poor placement school, bad mentors or unhelpful staff.

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    I'm not struggling. Occasionally I have a bad day and feel a bit low about things, but generally I'm OK.

    I think this is down to several factors:
    1) great schools and supportive teachers
    2) being organised and working hard (no procrastination!)
    3) good training and support from those that deliver training
    4) being motivated and optimistic

    A lot of my friends on the course are feeling the same way. A couple of them have struggled with various things but overall are pretty happy. Most of them just like to have a good moan about things that, really, wouldn't need moaning about if they went about things differently. It's sometimes as much to do with the personality of the person as all the other factors Although that isn't to say that there aren't some truly dreadful things happening out there, but there are none in the schools my friends and I are placed in, fortunately!

    I don't think I struggled during mine as such.

    It was hard and stressful in terms of the workload. But I had decent mentors, supportive university tutors, and it went fine, it just involved a great deal of effort.

    Not struggling here!

    Mainly down to my mazing mentor and tutors and i'm in a placement where (in the classes i teach at least) there are no behaviour issues and they are not strict about lesson planning

    (Original post by S27)
    Not struggling here!

    Mainly down to my mazing mentor and tutors and i'm in a placement where (in the classes i teach at least) there are no behaviour issues and they are not strict about lesson planning
    I think the key is that last part... I know a few on my course who have tutors who aren't fussy about lesson plans or getting them in advance, if at all...

    My tutor has a blanket policy, week ahead, which a redrafting nearing lesson, depending on what's being altered etc.. it's the way they always do it... Adds a lot of work, but has forced me to get my lesson planning honed as a skill for classes...

    Used to take me hours, but now, even with science practical considerations, I can do 5-6 in an evening..

    If I hadn't been forced to I might not have gotten as proficient in it... It's what they always do for students, a pain at the start, but in the long run has been beneficial...
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Updated: April 29, 2016
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