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Returning to university after prolonged period of illness.

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    My name isDan, I am 25 years old and having completed a first year English with AncientHistory on Exeter University’s Flexible Combined Honours programme I thenswitched to BA History but failed to complete the first year of the newcourse due to serious health issues.
    I wasfinally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in February 2015 after experiencingserious difficulties with social interaction, organisation and meetingdeadlines. I also discovered, through independent research into autism, that Ihave extremely weak central coherence.
    All thesefactors combined led to an almost complete withdrawal from study groups,lectures and seminars. This resulted in an inability to complete any work,which in turn led to severe depression, anxiety and drug addiction.
    Naturally Iwas unable to pass the year because of these issues.
    Theuniversity was holding my place open with the intention that I continued intothe second year this September on the condition that I completed severalincomplete assessments. Unfortunately this has not been possible as my healthissues worsened since leaving and I am only now feeling confident enough to tryand organise my return to study.
    Recently Ihave been informed that I will probably be unable to return to Exeter but that Ican use my credits from my FCL year to enter a second year of study at anotheruniversity.
    I amespecially interested in studying Japanese language and history but very fewuniversities seem to offer this choice, plus I am unsure whether or not I wouldhave to continue with my original FCL choices.
    Can anyoneoffer advice on what I should do?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Dan,

    You need to speak to Exeter uni and any unis that you are interested in studying at. If this was me, I'd also ask what support you can get as a disabled student too.
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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