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Mathematics Undergrad -- Requirements?

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    Hi all,

    This may seem like a silly question, but what do I need to know, mathematically speaking, in order to prepare myself for a Mathematics undergraduate degree?

    I am not talking about GCSEs or A-Levels, but specific areas of maths.


    The stuff that GCSEs and A Levels (core modules) is pretty much it.
    I suppose specific areas would be make sure you're comfortable with calculus especially, and algebra.

    As my colleague has said above, make sure your calculus and algebra are both well-sorted since both of these things will feature to a great extent.

    If you want a head start then you should maybe start looking at things like analysis and geometry. In fact there's some recommended reading here and you can obviously use google to find some more stuff. :yep:
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    Excellent. Thank you both.

    I'm recovering from a 7-year bout of depression, so I'm finally feeling capable and willing to try again. Before I was too afraid to try because failure reinforces your own negative self-opinion.

    I was considering Psychology because it's an area fascinating to me, but I wanted a degree that's sufficient on its own in more than just a handful of areas, but also a foundation I can build upon with further education should I decide to pursue some of the scientific careers that interest me.

    Perhaps it's best to hold off for another year, work on my algebra and calculus and then revisit things

    Thanks again.
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Updated: July 8, 2016
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