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UKIP MEPs Call on Government to Protect Brits From Merkel’s ‘Summer of Slaughter’

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    UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEPs have slammed Germany’s leaders over their part in the handling of Europe’s migrant crisis, which they say has led to a “summer of slaughter”, and their response to the terrorism which is coming to mark 2016.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was accused of having “blood on her hands” following her open invitation to all Syrians to apply for asylum in Germany, despite threats from Islamic State that they would flood the continent with jihadi fighters.

    And the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrman was also chastised for “unusual” comments in which he appeared to lament that a suicide bomber had turned out to be from Syria after all.

    More than a million people entered European Union (EU) states illegally by sea last year, of whom a third claimed to be from Syria. But many are un-papered, while others have been found to have bought fake Syrian documents in an attempt to claim asylum.

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    Absolutely has blood on her hands. She's the archetypal woefully naive, self-serving, treacherous, whore for special interests

    Wait. You mean UKIP MEPs are actually doing something? They're not just taking their taxpayer-funded salary and buggering off to the Bahamas? I am well and truly amazed.

    UKIP's always got something to say, but never actually do anything about the things they care so much about!. Or, when they eventually do something about it and inevitably get it wrong, they resign. Sometimes they resign twice!
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Updated: July 26, 2016
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