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I am doing an Exteneded project qualification and I need some help...please help me o

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    I have written my intro and I would like some help on two things:

    1) Is the intro ok? Do I need to add anything else?
    2) How would I start my main body for the essay/dissertation?


    "You have heard of the saying “don’t believe everything you read” right? Well, there are a collection of people that do believe everything that they read. Their ability to be fooled poses a question in my mind - “How impactful is media?” With the current state of the world, I would be naive to say that Islam is not being slated every day for the acts of a few. Many are being impacted due to the actions of extremists – some lose their loved ones, others are brutally injured and a number of people are emotionally tortured. In this dissertation I wish to see how media has played a role in this. I wish to see how they have played a role in the increase of islamophobia.
    I will delve into the opinions of the general public – with the aid of primary research and the voices of many I will be able to look into what the people of the United Kingdom have to say about this very controversial topic. I will search the web looking for content – reading comments and accumulating a variety of sources to allow me to form an unbiased judgement on the matter. Where there is good there is bad, as a result I will also search for if media has helped to reduce the rise of islamophobia. I expect to see a mixture of the two responses."

    BTW, i've never been good at english - my english is not that good in comparison to others. I got a B at GCSE. I'd say that my vocab is too simple and not "formal" enough for AQA. Not gonna lie i'm really bad at essay writing

    This was mine
    Piracy: The different approaches to addressing the impacts of piracy and its prosecution
    I have researched the impact of piracy onshipping and world trade. Initially I intended to research the methods thatshipowners take to prevent piracy attacks, but my enquiries of a small sampleof shipowners in Greece and the USA were unsuccessful, primarily becauseshipowners are very reluctant to give out any information that may put theirvessels and crews at risk. As my research developed I identified that itwas necessary to understand a little about the law of ship registration andownership, which explains the issues that arise in relation to the prosecutionof pirates. My interest in this topic arose during workexperience that I undertook at Eversheds LLP, when I was asked to research atopic relating to piracy. Until that time I had believed piracy to be limitedto fairly tales and Disney movies. My research has been primarily internet basedin terms of news articles and statistics relating to piracy, enquiries oflawyers in Eversheds LLP’s shipping & international trade team and ofpeople involved in the shipping industry through email exchanges and directenquiries. At the outset I thought that my research wouldidentify the steps that shipowners were taking to avoid piracy attacks andexplain why these were apparently increasingly successful in and around EastAfrica, but not effective elsewhere. It developed into something quitedifferent; an analysis of the reasons for piracy and why it differs in thevarious regions of the world, the ownership structure of vessels and why thisimpacts on the prosecution of pirates and the different approach taken topiracy by different nations.
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