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Thoughts on a Cambridge Land Economy application? Lecture areas and books to pursue?

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    I have recently started an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Business. I'm 19 years old, and am doing an Access course in place of A-levels. An Access course is really the only accessible option I have to move forward. I have GCSEs and AS-levels though incomplete A2s. I didn't sit my A2 exams over a year ago nor did I do so in this past year due to overwhelming personal issues and a complex past.

    If I do achieve straight Distinctions as the year progresses I have my sights set on applying for Land Economy at Cambridge, alongside four Business and/or Management degrees at KCL, Durham, Bristol and Nottingham. I have been focused on carefully wording my personal statement over the past few weeks. I want it to be fantastic. The priority is discussing business and economics within it, as most of my choices are competitive Business degrees.

    I am reading 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism as well as Triumph Of The City, the former largely on economics and the latter on urban landscapes and their economics. These two I can discuss whilst linking what I drew from them to Business/Management degrees. I will also aim to add additional sentences linking ideas gathered to the Land Economy degree, so Law, Economics and Environment.

    I am going to make a separate thread asking others for their views on my chances of getting an offer for Land Economy.

    What I am asking of others on this thread is what can I do to build a great Land Economy personal statement as well as SAQ statement? What books could be suggested? Or what kind of lecture areas could I look into? I found these two lectures I might go to:



    These may relate to clear interest in Land Economy.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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