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Crash Higher Physics in S5

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    I have been told that I could do Physics in my spare time ( lunch time and times outwith the school ) , but I have not taken physics at all.

    Could anyone detail what coursework I need to complete / PPA's and what percentage is usually required to get an A in the exam?

    Any help with the course would be of great use.

    Ta much.

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    You don't get PPA's in Physics, not any that I know of anyway.

    There's no coursework that goes towards your final grade, although you will be expected to do a handful of practical experiments.

    The exam goes 100% towards your final grade.

    Again, as I have mentioned before, the percentage needed to gain an A for all the sciences usally remains in the high 70's, unless it is a really unusual exam.

    I didn't sit Physics myself, but studied it for about 2 months or so before changing it to another subject.
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    You have to do one investigation type thing in Higher. Usually the teacher tells you what to do, you do it, and you write it up. Don't think it actually counts for anything.
    Higher Physics is awfully mathsy, with lots of formulae to remember, rather than facts.
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    If you have to crash Higher Physics, a good resource, which is laid out according to the SQA subject specification, is the software package "SURE Higher Physics" which is produced by Counting Thoughts - it can be got from their website. It has simulations that allow you to do investigations.
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