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Anyone Need Hair Help????

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    (Original post by deuxbydeux)
    Hi Scott,

    I recently got my hair cut reasonably short (just above my shoulders). It isn't really curly, it's more wavy but when I put curling product in it it makes no difference.
    How can I make my hair curlier? And what can I do to it so that it doesnt look like a birds nest (nice ways to do it up?).


    I always give the same answer to this. Firstly you could try letting it dry naturally and then taking some random sections and curling them with a tong. Even adding one or two curls with a tong can make all the difference. If you tong quite a lot it will give a very solid long lasting curl.

    My next (easier) option is if you have no bleach on your hair and it hasn't been lightened I'd suggest you have a spiral alkaline perm on blue rods. Go to a hairdressing school and ask a Level 3 student to do this. But if you perm wavy hair in a spiral wind it will take a solid wash and wear curl that will last a long time. It will feel odd and ridgid when its first done, but after a couple of weeks the perm will drop and you will be able to wash and leave.

    Just remember, they have to set it on a spiral wind on blue (and possibly) grey rods to give a good long lasting curl.
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    (Original post by Historians drink free)
    I'm set to see my GP. One question about Regaine: looking up about it I have noticed that (if) it works it is only temporary- does this mean that if I use it, and it (hopefully) works, I will have to use it indefinitely?

    Thanks again.
    Yes, you have to use it every day otherwise the hair goes away. Thats the downside with any hair growth product. They haven't invented anything which you can have once and it works in the long term.
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    (Original post by sophie714)
    Hi Scott,

    I was wondering if you can help..

    Iv dyed my hair for many years ranging from bleach highlights to dark brown/red.. for the past couple of years I have used loreals recital preference tahiti brown (no 4). Which is what is currently on my hair..I have had my hair stripped of colour before at a salon (rather expensive) as I wanted it blonde/brown and it went a kind of orangy brown colour with a few lighter bits. I wasnt overly impressed, im not sure if they used bleach this time or not as it was a while ago! I am now wanting to get mainly blonde hair with a few lowlights through it and not entirely sure if this will work or if Ill end up with that orangy colour that I really didnt like on myself!! I also have fairly short hair if this helps at all..

    Hope you can suggest something and thanks for your time!

    Hi Sophie,

    All salons strip the whole head with bleach which I never recommend and hence why I created Colour B4.

    On this occassion I'd suggest you buy a Jerome Russell highlighting kit, pull the cap on, pull a good amount of weaves through the cap and apply the bleach with 40 volume peroxide. Apply cling film over the cap to help the development and get your hair to a yellow. It will probably take about 50 minutes to develop. Wash the bleach off with Baby Shampoo (not the conditioner which comes with the product) and for god's sake NOT NOT REMOVE the cap when you wash off the bleach.

    Dry the hair with a hairdryer (with the cap still on) and check it's yellow. If the hair is orange or red, you will need to re-apply the bleach and lighten more (to get it to yellow). So make sure you only use 50% of the bleach and peroxide the first time.

    If your hair is yellow or ideally pale blonde you can now apply the blonde shade. Remember you've still got the cap on!! So with the cap on and the hair dry apply a light ash blonde 8.01 L'Oreal Preference hair colour and develop. Once developed you can remove the cap.

    You should find your hair is now a medium/dark blonde with light and dark tones running through it.

    If you want to go blonder still, then in about 6 weeks repeat the above process, but this time use a 10.01 lightening ash blonde Preference to tone after bleaching and this will get your hair a much lighter multi tonal blonde.


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    (Original post by OnlyMe!)
    I am growing my hair at the moment. How often should I get it trimmed? Getting it trimmed every 6 weeks seems rather counter-productive.

    My ends are not in bad condition at the moment, especially considering they haven't been trimmed in around 6 months! What can I do to ensure they remain in good condition? (At the moment, I condition my hair and try to use heat protectant whenever I use heat on my hair - which is daily!)

    Hi Only me, it sounds like you are doing everything right. I'd suggest you maybe get a trim every 8-10 weeks if your hair is in good condition and this will make sure it will continue to grow but the hairdresser doesn't take too much off!

    Hope that helps


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    (Original post by ScottCornwall)
    They all do it now. Lisa Shepherd is in the Midlands and she does it, but as for all the other salons they are all on board too. Personally I'd suggest Lisa Shepherd as she's a technical salon.
    Thank you!
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    I'm going to copy & paste this from a thread I made earlier, since that got no replies...

    I've noticed my hair has gradually become a lot thinner that it used to be - and I used to have very thick hair which grew rapidly fast.

    I personally think it's because I've been bleaching it every 3 months for the past year. I'm pretty lucky with my hair (I don't wanna jinx it though, aha), because it's not really dry, breaking and there are not many split ends - although I have noticed that it doesn't grow as fast anymore, and I'm pretty certain it hasn't even grown in the past month. Furthermore, I've decided I'm going to cut back on the bleach for a very long time.

    So, my question is: if I quit bleaching my hair, will it start to get thicker again? And will it begin to grow a lot faster? People have told me that's what happens, since you're allowing your hair to "breathe" for a while; so I need some kind of confirmation and reassurance.

    Thank you! =]
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    Hi Marshki, I looked at your profile and it says you are 16. Unfortunatetly the reasons your hair could be very different are due to adolescence. The hairtype we have pre adolescense can dramatically change once we start to finish adolescense. Quite often thick hair can thin out, many females find their hair can stop growing to the same long length and even silky straight hair can go wavy and curly.

    Bleach will play a factor if hair feels thin, it can break and the hair can lose its lustre. I would suggest you buy some Cod Liver oil supplements from Holland and Barratt and start taking these, as they will help your hair grow well. I would suggest you stop bleaching it for a while and keep getting it cut. I actually used to bleach my hair when I was a teenager and my hair wasn't able to take anywhere near as much as it could now when I bleach it. I just feel teenage hair can become vulnerable at certain points due to hormone levels and then adding bleach too often can really weaken it. So it's best you rest it and keep cutting your hair and then you should find the hair starts to bulk out again, just don't expect the hair you had a few years ago as it could have changed.


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    Thanks Scott.

    Also, would it still be okay if I only dyed the roots once they look as if they really need doing? I'll ask the hairdresser not to do it with bleach (if that's even possible). Since I'm not dying the ends? I'm so unsure.
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    If your hair is lighter than medium brown you can ask the hairdresser to just do your roots every six weeks with a high lift tint and 30 volume peroxide. This won't be as damaging but will still lighten your hair.
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    (Original post by ScottCornwall)
    If your hair is lighter than medium brown you can ask the hairdresser to just do your roots every six weeks with a high lift tint and 30 volume peroxide. This won't be as damaging but will still lighten your hair.
    Just wanted to say, thanks for your help! Got my hair done today and although it took 2.5hrs, it's just amazing and soooo soft! Thanks!
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    how do i get my hair like this? (or something similar) ^^

    what would i ask from the hairdresser and what products etc should be used? my hair is pretty thick and his seems a bit thinner in comparison

    or this one?

    i saw earlier you said its a blow-dry deal, is there a specific way to blow-dry it to that effect?

    this is an example of my hair a while ago and its not too different right now i guess http://yfrog.com/0o33407542p

    thanks for any help =)
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    (Original post by ScottCornwall)
    If your hair is lighter than medium brown you can ask the hairdresser to just do your roots every six weeks with a high lift tint and 30 volume peroxide. This won't be as damaging but will still lighten your hair.
    Thank you so much for your advice, you've been a great help!
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    ok, so i used pre-lightner on my hair with the intention of going ginger eventually (i want to be debra messing, florence welch, paloma faith bright ginger - see links!)




    the lightner made my hair pretty ginger anyway, but it's fairer than i want it to look in the end (see picture!). i'm looking for suggestions of which dye to use to get the florence look, and also what of my EYEBROWS? honestly, do they look as crazy as they look to me in the mirror?

    thanks y'all
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    Hi Scott,

    Just wondering if you can suggest what type of hairstyle would look good on me (see profile for pic). The hair is about 1/2" longer now than in the picture ... The problem with growing my hair is that it always get extremely curly and I end up cutting it since it looks like a mess and seemingly nothing is able to tame it. On that topic, I've used home relaxers in the past (which even work on African hair) but they make my hair even more curly! That inevitably ends with me cutting my hair right away. I look alright after a #4 trimmer cut but there's no hair to style with that cut - I'd like to get something not too short (if possible) ... I'm open to any ideas.

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    Sorry I keep pestering you with so many questions, but as you can tell I'm desperate. :P

    I've done what you said and bought some Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil capsules, and I've taken one yesterday and one today already. I know it's in my family's genetics to have thick hair, so I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to have thin hair.

    Anyways (I know you can't really determine these kinds of things), but if I continue to take a cod liver oil capsule each day, approximately how long will it take for my hair to grow much thicker? Do you think it's possible for me to have the hair I had a few months ago? As I am aware that my hair won't be as thick as it was a few years ago.

    P.S. Would it be safe for me to take a Biotin tablet as well as a Cod Liver oil capsule everyday?

    P.P.S. I've heard quite a bit about Castor Oil for making hair grow faster and thicker. Do you know anything about Castor Oil, and whether it's effective or not?
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    Hey Scott, I kind of stumbled upon this thread while researching about your Colour B4 product and I just wanted to ask a few questions.

    My hair has a long length (it goes to the middle of my back) and last year (feb) I tried to dye it a dark brown using nice and easy but it ended up looking black with red tints in the sun, I haven't redyed it since and I have about three inches of my roots that is my natural colour which is a semi light/semi dark brown colour. I was wondering if the Colour B4 product would get out that blackish reddish colour and make it go back to my natural colour or not? And also if I did use it should I apply it to my roots where my hair colour is natural or just the rest of the hair thats dyed?

    Another thing my hair is quite soft and shiny, would the product damage it in any way?

    Any advice would be greatly appriciated! xx
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    Hi Scott,

    I have dark brown hair and I've wanted to go lighter for a while now - not majorly so, just a nice golden brown but I don't think I can afford getting it done at the salon atm. Is there anyway I can lighten my hair without a huge amount of damage, because I have fine hair which gets split ends stupidly easily. Could I just buy a normal box dye or would I have to get bleach/something to lighten it first? What do you reccommend?

    My hair is this kind of colour, without the highlights. (Like her fringe/roots) - maybe a teeny bit lighter:

    The kind of colour I'd like is this:

    So not a huge amount lighter, just a little. Is there anyway to minimise damage too?

    Thank you!
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    My face is kinda wide - what would you suggest to make my face look more oval?
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    Hi Scott,
    My hair is naturally a mid to dark brown colour. 2 years ago, I used a hair lightening gel from Avon, that I simply combed through the ends of my (long) hair. It worked as I had hoped, however the sun exaggerated the effect to an extent I didn't like.
    A month or so later I used a permanent Garnier Herbashine product in order to even out the overall colour. Doing so I lost all the lovely, natural, in-between tones, but the yips remained fair. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to lighten my whole head, in order to achieve the natural mid brown I had as a child (not far lighter than the natural tone I developed as a teenager, before dyeing). I used Excel 10 in the lightest ash brown colour. It has left my hair with a warm, reddish brown. It looks like I tried to dye it red, but unsuccessfully. Can you advise me on how to lose the warm red/ginger tones, and achieve my natural, cool, mid-brown colour. What colour do you imagine will be achieved using your colour b4 product? (which, by the way, I have heard hundreds of wonderful things about)
    Thanks in advance. You must feel inundated with these questions.xx
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    hi scott, can you help me with my hair problem? my hair is naturally blonde, although gone a bit darker as i've got older. i started bleaching it 2 years ago and at the start of march i got sick of it and dyed it "natural light auburn" (nice and easy 109). the first time it faded within a week to a wishy washy browny gingery nothing colour. so i got fudge paintbox bright orange and put that over it, thinking it would keep the colour better since its meant for bleached hair, but it was too orange so i had to go and dye it with the nice and easy again. it again faded but i just left it cos i didn't want to ruin my hair. now i've bleached it (i am a blonde at heart) but its turned peach! now i don't hate it, but i really wanted it bright white like it used to be. would using your colour b4 take the left over orangey tones out? they're mostly at the ends which had bleach on them before so would it take it back to white? my roots are the bright white that i wanted and look a bit funny with peachy ends!

    hope you can help!


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