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Anyone Need Hair Help????

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    Hello Scott.

    What is used to create this sort of style?: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_30PRmkOl4r...ason6_0030.jpg

    I'm guessing pure hairspray? If so, which do you recommend? My hair is not near that sort of lengh but I could really do with some good hold hairspray as the top back of my hair always seems to go flat during the day >_>.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey Scott,

    Was wondering if you could help. I have been dying my hair black (L'Oreal casting creme gloss in Ebony Black) since the middle of October 09, every 4-5weeks or so, last time being 2 weeks ago. My natural hair clour is a mid blonde/brown and i want to, hopefully, get back to this colour.

    My hair looks ok but towards the tips it feels alittle fake...think cheap hair extensions I plan to have a good two inches cut off but am worried that it may be ruined. I am impatient so dont want to grow the colour out (as it looks awful with the roots) so am planning to use the Colour B4. So my main questions are

    1/ Will colour b4 work?
    2/ If so do you recommend the extra stength due to the colour being built up?
    3/ What can i use to help restore my hair?
    4/ How long after i use your product can i add alittle colour to help my hair on its way to my natural colour?

    Thank you in advance,

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    I Really Hate My Hair As It Is Really Poofy And Dosent Straighten Properly. What Hair Products Would U Recomend?
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    Hi Scott.

    My hair is currently purple I use Live XXL dye. I'm looking to go red later in the summer, using the same brand. Would I follow the instructions for full head, or for roots? [Or do something completely different?

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    Hey Scott

    Basically I've had the same hairstyle for ages now, just long and messy. It's the prom this week, and I'm getting it sorted. I want to keep it relatively long (but not as long as it is at the moment) and I'd like it waxed up a little to give it some texture and depth. Are there any styles you could reccomend to me (or post a picture, or a link, or whatever)? Would be much appreciated!


    (My hair's lightish brown)
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    Hi Scott, i've been dying my hair a dark brown for quite a while now, my hair naturally is a dirty blonde colour, i started growing my roots out but got to frustrated so dyed my hair blonde, the roots are annoying a lot blonder while the rest of my hair remains a lighter brown, i was going to use B4 to strip the colour back, what colour would it go? Would it have any effect of the blonde roots? i know B4 doesnt work on bleached hair but what about a blonde dye?
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    Hey, pretty simple question, do you know what style are coming in for girls (preferably medium-ish, like couple inches below shoulders)?
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    Hey Scott I posted this in another thread but didnt get any repsonses so thought you might be able to help, the question is below.

    Hey just wanted to get some advice. I wanted to dye my hair schwarzkopf red black. I was just going to do it but thought i would snip some of my hair off and see what colour it turns, luckily I did as it went definetly a lot more red than black!, I just wondered if i leave it on for longer/shorter will it make it go more black than red, I left it on for 30 minutes as it said. Btw I have mid brown hair which has some lighter brown/blonde flecks in it.

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    Hi Scott,
    I would love it if you could give me some advice! I have naturally medium blonde hair which was hightlighted when i was about 14, at 15 i went brown, at 16 i began to get hightlights to go back blonde however i ended up bleaching my hair! (don't do it, it's not worth it!!!) However i did get to the blonde shade i wanted at 17 i died my hair a light brown and got alot of length cut of so it was a very short bob and did not straighten it for about a year. In about may/june last year i used Live xl InfaRed to get a red colour and since then every 3-4 months have been using Live Xl Real Red. I'm assuming nearly all the the bleach is gone from my hair now appart from a small amount on the end which is noticable because it is where my red fades the most due to the amount of dye thats been on that part of my hair. However most of my hair has only been dyed red about 3 times. I would love to lighten up my red to a more natural "ginger" like Nicola Roberts from girls aloud so i picked up a lovely Clairol colour however now i have ginger roots and red hair. I've just bought 2 boxes of the extra strength since the red is darker than my natural colour and my hair is mid lenght but due for a trim. I was wondering what sort of colour i will get after using B4 and if you had any advice on what sort of colours to use to get a really nice natural looking ginger
    Thanks so much
    Aimee Louise
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    Hi there, I'm wondering if colour b4 works on removing permanent hair dye. I've been using Loreal Excellence natural brown shades for as long as I can remember to cover up some stubborn greys. I decided to go a shade darker last summer but now my hair is too dark for my complexion and I’ve been dying it a lighter colour. The result is I have lighter roots and darker ends. Would colourB4 max strength work for me or do I have to continue with the long process of growing it out. Also could you recommend a semi permanent that would cover stubborn greys as I’d love not to have to use a permanent as I know they dry out and damage your hair, unfortunately though I never found a semi that covered my grey well. I hope someone can help. Thanking you in advance : )
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    Hi Scott.
    I stumbled across this site while researching how to strip the colour from my hair.
    I have coloured my hair for years(originally mouse brown) and it has gradually got darker and darker until it looked black on the ends. I must admit I was very sceptical about using the colour b4 but wow it really does work, however it left me with quite patchy hair. I was left with quite light on the top a kind of strawberry blonde, in the middle it was quite gingerish and towards the ends reddish brown. I have used the nice and easy light ash brown with no peroxide or amonia and it has calmed it down a lot although it is still too red for my liking, also i am starting to get a few greys and this isn't strong enough to cover them.
    Will this wash out in the 6-8 weeks and leave the colour it went when i used the colour b4? or will it stay this colour.
    I am having it cut next week(i have it bobbed) so a couple of inches of the darker colour will be cut out but could you recommend a semi-perm brown which isn't to dark or to red. I am going out at the end of the month so would like to get it sorted before then.
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    I have naturally mid ash blonde hair, yet decided to dye my hair a dark brown in June '09. I've continued to dye it every 6-7 weeks since then. I've had a lot of colour build up, so have left it to fade. It's now a light brown/gingery auburn colour, and I hate it. I've decided that I want to go dark blonde with highlights, but don't have the money to go to a salon and get a full head colour. I was wondering how it would turn out if I used a home blonde dye, or would it look bad because of the colouring I already have in my hair? I'd then have my hair highlighted in salon to prevent the colouring from looking flat. I'm just worried that the colour already in my hair would make dying my hair back to a blonde colour look bad? Thanks.
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    I have lightish brown hair and I want blonde hair really badly... Im not aloud to Dye it and I don't want to ruin it but is there anyway I can perhaps lighten it?
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    I have dyed my hair red twice this year using Colour XXL in Red Passion, and now it's really faded. I want to use the Colour B4 to take out the red and take my hair back to its natural dark brown, but i've read that the silicone in XXL means that Colour B4 doesn't really work? (And i have used quite a bit of heat on my hair) If it doesn't would i be able to use a semi-permanent dark brown to cover the red or would it not work?

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    I fancy a new hairstyle, and want something similar to Sawyer, from Lost:

    What would I ask for in a hairdressers?


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    Hi Scott- thanks for all of your help! I read through all of the colour b4 topic however found no-one that was that similar to my case

    My hair is naturally dark blonde however I got blonde highlights for about 3 years. I then got fed up with doing this and dyed it Nice n Easy Semi Permanent Medium Ash Brown at the beginning of February 2010 and had quite a lot of length cut off to get rid of the excess blonde dye underneath the brown colour. I then dyed it again after about 20 washes the same semi permanent colour. I dyed it about two weeks ago Nice n Easy semi permanent light ash brown however am fed up with this colour and want to go back to something nearer to my natural colour as I love Whitney Port's hair.

    Would you recommend using colour b4 regular on my hair to get rid of the brown shades? I really do not want to get the ginger/copper colour but how likely would you say this is as I have always used semi permanent? I would do a strip test prior regardless.

    Would you advise me to use colour b4 then get a few blonde highlights and die them anash blonde colour to be as near to my natural colour as is possible? Or should I just man up and have some patience and let this light ash brown colour fade out.

    I have bought a medium ash blonde colour but no colour b4 yet!

    Thank you for any help
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    Hi Scott, I have a couple of questions. I have used colour b4 and now have ginger hair (which I expected from all the research I'd done before using it) I know you;'ve told other people to use loving care. I have one ready to use. My questions are this;

    1) I know I can put a semi in a dark ash blonde on my hair but how long before I can do this?

    2) I want to eventually follow your highlights at home guide but obviously my hair is ginger under the semi I want to put on as a base. How do I go about re-dying my hair if the semi washes off and I am left with ginger showing through again? Do I just re dye all my hair including my highlights that I will hopefully have?
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    hiya scott
    just a couple of quick questions hun.
    1) i want to dye my hair - which colour should i go for?
    2) im also wanting a new haricut, but i want something different, that will still allow me to have mid-to-long hair.
    thanx! quote me please, so im not constantly checking! xxx
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    Hi scott
    I have dark rich chocolate brown hair and I want to keep that richness but make it have a red tint to it. If i used live xxl red hair dye - you know the really crazy bright red on my dark hair, will it have that subtle tint? Ive never died my hair before. Also would u reccomend anyway i could do this naturally ive heard using henna and lemon juice on my hair can give it that mahogany reddish tint but im not sure - what would you reccomend? xxx ps quote me on message me please hun xxx
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    Hi everyone - I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I have to answer lots of e-mails on my Facebook Page and directly so I try to give priority to all!


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